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Overcoming the Challenges of
4G LTE and MIMO for In-Tunnel Wireless Connectivity
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  • Technical Analysis: Flexible Feed Design

    This RFS White Paper highlights RFS’ “flexible feed” architecture of its CompactLine® and CompactLine® Easy antennas. The flexible, easily-modified design lowers re-design costs and allows quicker response to changes in today’s complex networks including  several uncertainties that exist in designing network backhaul systems. Sometimes parameters such as frequency range of operation are not confirmed until the last minute. This can potentially cause delays in finalizing specifications of passive components such as antennas, and hence, delays in overall system installation.

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  • DRIVING EXPANSION across the United States.

    Aviat Networks, Inc. and RFS were asked with supporting the backhaul needs for a nationwide, rural 4G LTE rollout.
  • Going underground with LTE in Hannover

    Attempts to offer a 4G LTE mobile network service in tunnels remain in their infancy. However, trials with "leaky feeder" cables in Hannover have shown that it is possible to deliver reliable mobile broadband services underground, as Axel Schroeder, commercial product manager indoor systems at Radio Frequency Systems, explains.

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  • Southern African Wireless Communications - On the right frequency

    RFS has been developing unique wireless infrastructure solutions for over 70 years. JEAN-LOUIS HUREL explains how the company is helping network builders overcome the challenges they face.

  • Understanding Small Cell Backhaul: Challenges and Solutions

    In this month’s issue of Small Cell Magazine, RFS’ Asad Zoberi explores the small cell deployment obstacles plaguing today’s mobile operators and the antenna technologies that are emerging as viable solutions for these common backhaul challenges.

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Insert alt text here. Passive System Components for DAS

RFS Unveils 90 New High-Performance Passive DAS Components

Insert alt text here. HCS Hybrid Connector

RFS Expands FTTA Portfolio with New HCS Hybrid Connector

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