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Celwave Downsizes Transmit Combiners

Marlboro, NJ - (August 1998) - Celwave has introduced two new compact combiners for cellular-like applications in the 851-866MHz band.

The company says its TCD860-(2+2)T combiner, occupying only two vertical rack spaces (31/2 inches), allows contiguous channel operation. Configured as a dual two-channel combiner, the unit can be reconfigured to four-channel by interchanging three cable connections. In the dual two-channel configuration, insertion loss per channel is less than 4dB, the manufacturer says. The four-channel configuration has approximately 7dB loss per channel. The unit is conservatively rated at 100 watts input power per channel.

Celwave's TCD860-6D combiner is equally compact. According to Celwave, the hybrid/isolator shelf occupies only one vertical rack space (1-3/4 inches), while the load panel, which is remoteable for efficient thermal management, is two rack spaces high. The load panel can be located up to four feet from the hybrid/isolator tray, and can be mounted on any other vertical surface where heat can be dissipated by unconstrained air flow.

The TCD860-6D can be employed as a dual two-channel, dual three-channel, single four-channel or single six-channel combiner by changing cable configurations. Insertion loss is not significantly compromised, amounting to 9dB per channel in the fully expanded six-channel variant, and from 4 to 7dB in other configurations.

Celwave says both combiners use state-of-the-art low loss, low IM, dual stage isolators. Typical isolator insertion loss is less than 0.3dB while allowing over 60dB channel-to-channel isolation.

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