Trademarks of Radio Frequency Systems

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The following marks are trademarks, service marks, or registered trademarks of Radio Frequency Systems. The use of these marks is prohibited without the express authorization of Radio Frequency Systems.

BCAT, BDA, CELcalc, CELLFLEX, CELtools, ClearFill, CELWAVE, The Clear Choice in Wireless, The Clear Choice, COMFLEX, CompactLine, FLEXWELL, HELIFLEX, HSE, HSW, Maximizer, MicroTenna, OmniFit, Optimizer, Optimizer Plus, Penetrator, Persuader, RADIAFLEX, Radio Frequency Systems, RAPID FIT, REMOTE TILT, RFS, ShareLite, SlimLine, Stationmaster, Stationmaster II, TRI -RAD, UltraAmp, WindMaster, HYBRIFLEX, PeakPower+, RF X-TREME, SiteExpress, RFS INVISIline, SerenityLine