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The First 100 Days with Herbert Merz

When I was appointed President and CEO of Radio Frequency Systems, I took the challenge to maximize profitabil

President and CEO of RFS

When I was appointed President and CEO of Radio Frequency Systems, I took the challenge to maximize profitability in such a competitive environment and become a renowned player. Following 15 years spent in various positions and companies of the telecommunications industry, including a leading role at Optical Networks Business of Nokia Siemens Networks as CEO, I am pleased to add my experience to the growing and promising business that is RFS, filled with talented teams, determined to make a difference in every strategic domain we are involved in.

As a first move, I took the time to go through most of our offices, research laboratories and manufacturing facilities in order to meet with the workforce and interact with people from the field. Considering the extensive knowledge acquired by the teams over the years, capitalizing on our high value assets and on the company’s core strengths appeared to be the greatest decision.

Meeting our customers was one of my main priorities as building intimacy is critical to best answer their current needs and help them supporting future ones. Today, RFS keeps on gaining new market shares and looks to replicate win-win situations through a consistent model, essentially based on addressing market needs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Market-wise, as the evolution of radio networks is exponentially growing, the scope of expected applications keeps on widening, giving birth to a new era of integrated solutions inherent to the concept of Smart Cities. Although the industry is on the verge of a revolution with the rise of 5G, 4G still has a lot to offer through innovative technologies in order to fully unleash the potential of today’s Radio Access Networks and address customers highest performance infrastructures.