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May 23, 2018

Broadcast Auxiliary Service Filter

Interference Mitigation Filter rejects all AWS-1 and AWS-3 spectrum emissions while passing Broadcast Auxiliary Channels 1 through 10


RFS has introduced a new Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) Interference Mitigation Filter (IMF) that rejects all AWS-1 and AWS-3 spectrum emissions to improve transmission quality for BAS channels 1 through 10. The AWS spectrum is adjacent to the 2 GHz BAS band broadcasters use to backhaul signals from mobile news teams in the field and to transmit signals between the studio and the transmitter.

When the new BAS filter is installed in the broadcaster’s BAS link, it eliminates the interference issues that can occur when mobile network operators transmit on AWS spectrum. Unlike many existing filters, which can only be installed indoors, the new BAS filter from RFS is enclosed in a weatherproof aluminum housing so it can be installed on the tower, closer to antennas, or rack-mounted. In addition, operator field tests confirm that the RFS BAS filter lowers out-of-band emissions (OOBE), potentially reducing the number of band block filters that operators need to purchase and install to comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) OOBE limits. Additionally, the filter provides downlink insertion loss of just 0.3 dB, is easy to install and meets IP67 requirements for ingress protection.

Features Benefits
Used in a BAS system to protect it from adjacent 2.1 GHz emissions

Broadcasters can transmit BAS signals without signal quality degradation from  nearby AWS emissions 

Rejects AWS-1 A,B, and C Blocks, while passing all broadcast channels 1 through 10 Meets all FCC filtering obligations requirements for operators 
Unlike other market options, the filter blocks all AWS spectrumAddresses all interference issues with a single, robust filter
Rugged fully enclosed aluminum enclosureCan be installed outdoors without worries from harsh environmental conditions
Rack, pole or wall mounting optionsFacilitates easy installation for any configuration