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July 30, 2020

CompactLine® RapidConnect Microwave Antennas

Pre-assembled 3-, 4- and 6-ft antennas that accelerate deployments, lower installation costs


As mobile operators expand their networks, the ability to quickly, easily and cost effectively install microwave antennas becomes essential. To help customers achieve these goals, RFS offers pre-assembled RapidConnect versions of its timetested CompactLine® microwave antennas in 3-ft, 4-ft and 6-ft sizes

CompactLine RapidConnect antennas are fully assembled in the RFS factory and can be mounted on towers and rooftop poles right out of the box. Customers simply choose a left or a right offset mount configuration when the antenna is ordered.

With no need to assemble antennas before mounting, you can:

  • Reduce on-site service time
  • Eliminate the time, effort and cost required to train installers in antenna assembly
  • Avoid the delays associated with assembly erro

With CompactLine RapidConnect antennas, customers have the flexibility to choose pre-assembled antennas when needed to meet time and cost constraints. Standard CompactLine antennas in 1-ft and 2-ft sizes are already designed to be assembled on-site in less than 10 minutes, giving customers access to a full range of CompactLine antennas that accelerate network roll outs.

Features Benefits
Fully pre-assembled microwave antennas Accelerates installation, reduces installation costs
Support for integrated radios Reduces costs and complexity
ETSI EN 302 217 Class 3, FCC Class A electrical
Ensures reliable, high-quality operation
Optimized packaging Increases transportation efficiency
Compact, low-profile design Reduces wind load, weight and visual footprint
Support for high wind speeds Increases survivability in severe weather