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June 18, 2008

Dual-band Optimizer

The new Optimizer dual-band BSA series is one of the most compact dual-band antenna series in its class, and boasts one of the shortest dual-band antenna radomes on the market today.


Essentially two antennas housed in a single radome, the Optimizer dual-band antenna series has been specially designed to deliver excellent RF performance across the entire 824-960MHz and 1710-2170 MHz bands. This includes Cellular850 and GSM900 ‘low-band' services, plus the full spectrum of ‘high-band' services-such as PCS 1900MHz, GSM 1800MHz, UMTS 2100MHz, and the new U.S. and Canada ‘advanced wireless services' (AWS) spectrum (1710-1755MHz/2110-2155MHz).

RFS's new Optimizer dual-band antenna series saves tower space without sacrificing gain. It has been developed to deliver optimized gain from a shorter antenna radome. This allows operators to free up tower space without compromising performance.

The two-in-one nature of RFS's new Optimizer dual-band antenna series allows carriers to reduce opex and capex. Generally, a dual-band BSA is more cost-effective than buying two separate antennas, so cost savings can be realized even before the network is deployed. Furthermore, the new RFS Optimizer dual-band antenna family allows carriers to reduce the number of antennas at a single cell site, saving tower space and loading. This, in turn, reduces tower-leasing expenditure.

RFS's new Optimizer dual-band antenna series comprises three manual variable down-tilt variants:

  • 3.6-foot (APX12CGV-15DWVB-T)
  • 5.2-foot (APX14CGV-16DWVB-T)
  • 6.9-foot (APX15CGV-16DWVB-T)

 Each Optimizer dual-band antenna variant is available with an integrated antenna control unit (ACU) for remote electrical tilt (RET) functionality. Whether, manual, or RET, the new Optimizer dual-band allows independent coverage pattern optimization for each frequency band. Pre-fitting the ACUs streamlines installation and reduces the likelihood of on-site installation error. Furthermore, RFS's ACUs are fully AISG 1.1- and 2.0-compatible.

The new Optimizer dual-band antenna series exhibits the superior performance common to all RFS Optimizer antenna family members-including superior upper side-lobe suppression (in this case better than 18dB across the entire frequency range), high gain, and impressive front-to-back ratio (for the Optimizer dual-band this is typically around 25dB).

By employing compact, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing RF solutions, network deployment costs can be minimized. By integrating tower-top components into customized multi-functional BSAs, installation can be simplified and tower space saved.

Features and Advantages
Upper side lobe suppression typically better than 18dB across the entire frequency rangeMinimizes interference
High gainProvides better coverage
Compact designQuick and easy to install
Dual-band performance

Reduce number of antennas on a single site

Pre-fitted ACU'sStreamlines installation
Aesthetically pleasing and lightweightNetwork deployment and site rental costs can be minimized

At present, the new Optimizer dual-band antenna series is only available in the Americas.