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October 3, 2009

Dual Band, Variable Electrical Tilt Antennas

Dual Band 790-960 / 1710-2200 MHz - 1.3m, 2.1m, 2.7m - VET Tilt: 0° to 10° ; Horizontal Beamwidth: 65° ; Gain: From 15.5-19dBi

RFS' new Dual Band antennas are designed for applications requiring a minimum number of antennas at a cell site and reduced tower loading. These advanced antennas take advantage of the rugged construction of RFS' popular CELlite series and the new high band H Series antennas, featuring both premium RF performance and energy efficiency.

Offered in 1.3m (4.3ft), 2.1m (6.9ft) and 2.7m (8.9ft) sizes, the Dual Band antenna platform delivers outstanding performance, reliability and value, for the perfect combination matched to today's demanding marketplace. Striking the perfect balance between efficiency and performance, this innovative model will be the new standard for future RFS base station antenna products.

Product names

APXV9R13B-C (1.3m, 4.3ft)

APXV9R20B-C (2.1m, 6.9ft)

APXV9R26B-C (2.7m, 8.9ft)

  • New Dipole Design delivers superior matching across the entire band, with an extended lowband frequency range that perfectly matches LTE 800 demands, as well as the highband range for Broadband GSM 1800, UMTS and DVB-SH.

  • Improved Antenna Radiating Geometry improves front-to-back ratio and cross polarization discrimination and minimizes the contact between elements to eliminate intermodulation

  • High Performance Phase Shifter Network with extended tilt range from 0° to 10° that provides precise control of the USLS suppression and pattern shape across the entire tilt range.

Features and Advantages 
    APXV9RxxB Series
    Wideband frequency performance Enables future growth and increases flexibility
    [LTE ready
    at 800MHz with Digital dividend CDMA, GSM900 / GSM1800, PCS, UMTS, DVB-SH]
    Rugged construction High reliability
    High gain Provides better coverage
    Excellent upper side lobe suppressionAllows strong mechanical tilt
    Low PIMNo system down-time, high call quality and reduced number of dropped calls


    Each of the dual band variants is available with integrated antenna control units (ACU) for remote tilt control  functionality. Pre-fitting the ACUs streamlines installation and reduces the possibility of on-site error. Furthermore, the RFS ACUs are fully compatible with the antenna interface standards group (AISG) versions 1.1 and 2.0 communications protocol.