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April 6, 2009

High Band, Broadband Variable Electrical Tilt Optimizer® Antennas

APXV18-206516H Series - 1710 - 2200 MHz - 18.1dBi - 1.3m VET APXV18-206517H Series - 1710 - 2200 MHz - 19.0dBi - 1.9m VET


Striking the perfect balance between energy efficiency and RF performance, the RFS Optimizer APXV18 antenna series has been completely redesigned to expertly fulfill the evolving demands of wireless networks. The antennas advanced technical features -including a new dipole design, improved radiating geometry, and a high performance phase shifter network- effectively announce a new, sustainable standard for future RFS base station antenna products. 

RFS' new Optimizer Antennas have been reconceived and built to deliver outstanding performance, reliability and value; they provide one-of-a-kind stability to support an evermore demanding marketplace.

  • A unique dipole design assures superior matching across the entire bands.
  • An enhanced antenna radiating geometry improves front-to-back ratio and cross polarization discrimination, and minimizes the contact between elements to eliminate intermodulation.
  • A high-performance Phase Shifter Network provides precise control of the USLS suppression and pattern shape across the entire tilt range.
Features and Advantages 
    APXV18-206516H and -206817H Series
    Difference between UL and DL is less than 1dB Superior gain tracking
    Difference between UL and DL is less than 6degStable azimuth horizontal beamwidth
    Low PIMNo system down-time, high call quality and reduced number of dropped calls
    Excellent upper side lobe suppressionAllows strong mechanical tilt
    High gainProvides better coverage
    Wideband frequency performance Enables future growth and increases flexibility


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    The antenna series has been put through the rigorous RFS Accelerated Life Testing or "HALT" process, confirming the renowned quality guarantee of all RFS' products.

    In addition, the revamped antenna platform opens the door to the Ultra Broadband antenna for LTE 2.6GHz. Look for more technological advances to come in 2009.