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May 4, 2016

Next Generation ShareLiteTM Combiners

RFS releases products to support broader frequency ranges and auto DC sense


RFS’ next phase of its compact, high-reliability ShareLite™ Combiners support additional wideband frequencies and include features such as DC sensing-AISG bypass and compatibility with the 4.3-10 standard. ShareLite combiners are ideal tools for any feeder or antenna sharing solution and help wireless operators adapt their infrastructure for 4G technologies. RFS’ combiners are compact and lightweight for easy handling. The rugged design allows for outdoor use and increases product longevity. Automatic DC sensing and AISG bypass bring increased flexibility to site installations by allowing combiners to automatically adjust to site requirements and route DC and control signals through the antenna line system accordingly – ensuring the right bypass for any installation. The latest combiners in the ShareLite portfolio have extremely low insertion loss and a high level of rejection between bands for maximized performance. This next phase of ShareLite combiners also accommodates many new frequencies and combinations of frequencies. The entire portfolio is available with RFS’ 4.3-10- style connectors, allowing operators to achieve the highest performance with the new 4.3-10 interface standard.


Low insertion loss

Maximizes performance

Automatic DC sensing and AISG bypass

Ensures the right bypass for any installation

Wideband designs
Ready for a wide range of co-location applications
Low weight and compact designsEnables easy handling and lower overall tower load
Long-neck connectors
Streamlines connection & waterproofing
Exceptional reliability and environmental protection

Some of the new products: