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March 26, 2013

RF X-TREME™ Base Station Antennas

RF X-TREME™ platform for high performance multi-band capability enables LTE Evolution and capacity additions with minimal impact on current network and site designs.


The new RF X-TREME base station antenna design provides the highest gain and cross polar discrimination combined with the best vertical pattern control of any triple band antenna of its size in the industry. Dual-band antennas do not offer enough capacity to support customers’ increasing data demands. Adding an additional antenna presents a problem with site designs and lease costs. With RF X-TREME, RFS provides the capacity of three full band antennas by orienting them side by side to achieve high gain and optimal performance in a single package.

Using the entire antenna length for every band instead of the traditional method of stacking antennas on top of one another means operators can evolve from a dual-band antenna to a triple-band antenna of the same length and maintain similar gain levels. Providing full-band coverage on every port enables operators to now implement 4xRx and 4xMIMO on any of the higher frequency bands, enabling excellent cell-edge performance with 30 percent fewer base stations. Reflecting RFS’ on-going commitment for 3G and 4G technologies, it can be used for multiple bands such as LTE 700, CDMA 850, PCS 1900 and AWS 2100. The platform features superior pattern symmetry and a phase shifter for each radiating dipole providing exceptional patterns at all tilt settings. It is designed for low wind-load to minimize tower loading. The  RF X-TREME  is also available with an optional, integrated and field replaceable AISG 2.0 antenna control unit (ACU) for remote electrical tilt (RET) compatibility.

Features/Benefits chart

One phase shifter per radiating element

Improves radiating patterns

Superior X-Pol Discrimination

Improves Rx diversity

High suppression of upper sidelobes

Reduces intercell interference

Variable electrical downtilt

Provides enhanced precision in controlling intercell interference

High reliability

Designed to last in a tower top environment

Design incorporates low wind-load and low weight

Minimizes tower loading

Quick and easy to install

Reduces installation time and costs

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