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March 12, 2012

RFS WindMasterâ„¢ APXVLL13N-C

The New WindMaster TM APXVLL13N-C base station antenna from Radio Frequency Systems features best-in-class gain for exceptional coverage and a sleek new radome design that dramatically reduces wind load. This side-by-side quad antenna supports multiple technologies, such as 4xN MIMO and 4-way RX DIV, to seamlessly add capacity without increasing tower loading.


The Radio Frequency Systems’ (RFS) APXVLL13N-C is ideal for LTE 2.6, PCS, GSM1800, UMTS, AWS and Mobile TV applications. Replacing or adding antennas to accommodate different technologies or frequencies delays time-to-market, is expensive and can lead to difficult negotiations with landlords. With the RFS Ultra-Broadband Antenna, operators can invest once then effectively forget about antenna replacement issues and focus on evolving their business.

Available with or without antenna control units (ACUs) for RET compatibility, this Ultra-Broadband Antenna includes premium performance features: High gain for better coverage, high upper sidelobe suppression for reduced interference, excellent front-to-back ratio and performance stability across frequencies.

Features/Benefit Chart
“Best-in-the-industry” gainprovides exceptional coverage
Low PIMenhanced capacity and coverage, high call quality and reduced number of dropped calls
Large dynamic tilt rangeadjustable from 0-12 degrees – provides enhanced precision in controlling intercell interference in every type of environment including rural, suburban, urban and dense urban areas
Side-by-side Quadtwo x-polarized broadband panels in a single radome – increased flexibility to support multiple technologies, such as 4xN MIMO and 4-way RX DIV, and seamlessly add capacity without increasing tower loading
New narrow radome bodyimproved wind loading
Optional remote electrical tilt (RET)ensures the fastest and most cost-efficient installations and coverage optimizations

This antenna is the 2nd generation of the RFS model APXVLL13-C (will be phased out in 2012). After many successful LTE trials, RFS has modified the antenna to include the new narrow radome design that reduces the need to negotiate site lease agreements as operators switch from a single x-polarized antenna to a dual x-polarized antenna.