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January 17, 2014

SC/SCX 3ft CompactLine® Easy Antennas

RFS introduces the industry’s most compact and lightest 3ft microwave antennas to overcome backhaul challenges and reduce total cost of ownership

The newly-released 3ft antennas are available in single-polarized configurations, the SC3 series, and dual-polarized configurations, the SCX3 series, for 6 GHz to 25 GHz frequencies and include three wideband models. Additionally, CompactLine® EASY microwave antennas provide best-in-class radiation patterns that reduce interference and enable easier configuration as part of complete network deployment. They give network providers more choice in how they design, build out and upgrade their networks to meet the ever-changing demands of subscribers for high performance applications.

The antennas are ideally suited for direct mount applications with radios from leading microwave radio manufacturers. Their compact design results in a reduced packaging volume that lowers transportation costs and requires 20 percent less effort for installation compared to competitive options. They can be easily upgraded from single to dual polarization in the field and are future-ready for in-field frequency changes when required. The robust, durable design of the antennas also makes them easy to maintain. They are built to survive wind speeds of up to 155 mph without a side strut, and they have been wind tunnel tested to ensure they can withstand and remain operational in extreme conditions. They are compliant with current ETSI, FCC and Industry Canada microwave standards.

FeaturesBenefit Chart

Superior radiation patterns

Reduces interference and provides easier frequency coordination

Innovative structural designMinimizes materials without sacrificing mechanical stability
Easy to upgrade – single to dual pol and frequency changes Provides a future-proof system design
Low weight and compact design
Reduces installation effort by 20%; eases zoning and tower loading
Easy to transport with reduced packaging volume
Lowers freight costs
Robust design withstands and remains operational in extreme conditions Eases maintenance time and costs