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January 29, 2018

SerenityLine™ Class 4 Microwave Antennas

Increase Link Capacity in High-Density Environments


RFS has announced the availability of 1ft and 2ft Class 4 antennas with higher performance radiation characteristics according to ETSI EN 202217 Class 4 standards. These antennas provide the market’s best RF performance and allow mobile operators to increase the link capacity of a network by deploying new microwave links where high levels of interference are present. While RFS’ high quality ETSI Class 3 antennas are sufficient for most of today’s network scenarios, Class 4 antennas will allow RFS customers to offer the highest performance in even the most congested environments. The higher side lobe suppression of SerenityLine antennas supports networks in ultra-dense areas and enables earlier reuse of frequencies. The lower interference increases the carrier-to-interference-ratio and allows smaller antennas with better link throughput, reducing tower leasing fees. The lower interference also enables higher modulation schemes, increasing the data capacity per antenna.

Features Benefits
Increase the link capacity of the network Less interference, higher carrier-to-interference ratio and allows radios to operate at higher modulation levels
Minimize the total cost of ownership

Facilitates better re-use of a frequency channel / Small antennas with better link throughput reduces tower leasing fees

Facilitate easier installation Lower weight and compact mounting system lowers the cost and time of installation
Ready for the futureFlexible feed design allows for easy upgrades to the next generation radio in the field