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December 2, 2008

SlimLine® FCC Cat. ‘A’ compliant 3ft 11GHz Dual Pol Antenna

Radio Frequency Systems’ 3ft, 11GHz -dual polarized- FCC Category A (SUX3-107BF) compliant antenna is yet another breakthrough in microwave antenna design. This addition to RFS’s SlimLine® family range continues to provide innovative solutions for point-to-point communications in the 11-GHz band, and is an ideal option for ongoing backhaul applications.

With links typically spanning five to 20 miles, the 11-GHz band (10.7 to 11.7 GHz) is a perfect choice for point-to-point communications. Its 40-MHz channels allow high-capacity data transfer (3 DS3s or OC3) -a significant improvement on the capacity-limited 10-GHz band. Furthermore, the 11-GHz band does not suffer as severe an effect of rain attenuation as the 18-GHz band.

The SUX3-107BF is a valuable addition to the RFS SlimLine family of ultra high-performance microwave antennas, and exhibits all the features and benefits of the range, with the added advantage of allowing two separate signals on the same antenna. The antenna’s robust mechanical construction from corrosion-resistant materials is nonetheless compact and lightweight in design, minimizing tower loading and facilitating zoning and site permit acquisition. 


Features and Advantages
FCC Part 101 Category "A" in a 3 ft diameterCompact design means lower visual impact, as well as lower tower-wind loading and leasing cost, resulting in a more cost effective solution that favors zoning and site permit acquisition
FCC Part 101 Category "A" in the 11GHz band


Efficient utilization of 11GHz band (higher capacity than the 10.5GHz band), and a lower rain attenuation make antenna ideal for microwave licensed backhaul applications
Dual PolarizationIdeal for higher capacity links, dual polarization permits the application of two separate microwave signals on same antenna
Rugged ConstructionDemonstrated High Survival Wind-load of 125mph/200 km/h, with less deflection that provides secure links