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January 8, 2018

Small Cell Diplexers

Designed for maximum performance with the smallest size and lowest weight available in the industry


RFS introduces the industry’s most compact diplexers for small cell applications. The FDPL Series of ShareLite™ PCS/AWS-WCS-2.5GHz small cell diplexers allow 4x4 MIMO in PCS/ AWS-WCS-2.5GHz bands and provide best-in-class PIM levels (-161) while minimizing the space required in tight small cell enclosures. Single, dual and quad configurations are available in both side-by-side and stacked configurations for maximum installation flexibility. RFS’ innovative cavity filter design enables a very low insertion loss while keeping the product extremely compact and lightweight. The usage of highly selective filters also guarantees a high isolation level of 40dB between ports, ensuring an interference-free environment for any technology deployed. The filter design also has built-in lightning protection for additional reliability.

Designed to withstand the most severe outdoor environments, RFS diplexers also feature IP67 class protection with a vented enclosure to avoid any possible effects of condensation and pressure instability, thus providing a long lasting, extremely reliable solution for any network. 4.3-10 connectors are standard.


Features Benefits
Covers all North American mid band spectrum  Includes AWS-3, AWS-4, WCS and BRS spectrum
Low insertion loss

Maximizes performance

Extremely compact design Eases installation, minimizes space in tight small cell enclosures and reduces tower loading
Best-in-class PIM levels and IP67 class protection with a vented enclosureProvides a long lasting, extremely reliable solution for any network