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August 18, 2008

UHF mobile TV antennas

Radio Frequency Systems’ range of lightweight and compact UHF mobile TV antennas are specially designed for co-locating at mobile base stations. This comprehensive suite of vertically polarized omnidirectional antennas includes the ultra-lightweight HU6 series, the compact multi-channel CTV series, the cost-effective broadband MTV-4 and the high-power broadband SDV-4 antennas.


To meet the requirements of co-located cell-based wireless and mobile TV solutions, the RFS mobile TV antenna suite features a range of power and bandwidth options. Low-power options are essential to ensure that emissions remain within limits and co-sited cellular receivers are not blocked. The range also provides solutions that are visually unobtrusive and ultra-lightweight to meet environmental and structural considerations.

HU6 antenna

Weighing just 3.5kg (8lbs), the ultra-slim HU6 is one of the world's most compact UHF omnidirectional antennas. For single-channel networks, the HU6 offers an 8MHz channel and accommodates input powers of up to 300W.

CTV series antenna

RFS's compact CTV series features center-fed co-linear antennas, with 500W input power-rating and 6dB gain. The four antennas in the CTV series are suitable for multi-channel operation, and together support the full range of UHF mobile TV frequencies from 470 to 806MHz.

MTV-4 antenna

At only 25kg (55lbs), the 140mm (5.5-inch) diameter MTV-4 is the smallest broadband antenna of its kind. Electrically, physically and in terms of cost-effectiveness, the MTV-4 stands alone in its class. Accommodating input powers of up to 1kW with a gain of 6dB, the MTV-4 is fully UHF mobile TV broadband, with the one antenna supporting frequencies from 470 to 806MHz. This combination of power and bandwidth makes it ideal for supporting multi-channel mobile TV operation. Moreover, its small size and low drag profile provide a high wind speed rating and low wind load characteristics.

SDV-4 antenna

The SDV-4 is a vertically polarized, omnidirectional broadband antenna, supporting the entire mobile TV UHF frequency range (470 to 806MHz). It offers premium VSWR performance and accepts up to 1kW input power. Weighing just 45kg (100lbs), the SDV-4 series offers an extremely high-performance, cost-effective and low-power solution for deploying mobile TV services co-located at multiple base stations. A higher gain/high-power, 2kW version of the SDV series antenna will be available later in 2008.

Features and advantages



Compact and lightweight

Visually unobtrusive and meets environmental and structural considerations.

Ideal for co-locating mobile TV at cell-based mobile base stations.

Range of bandwidth options, from single-channel to fully broadband

Flexible choice of single or multi-channel operation across the 470-806MHz frequency range.

Range of power-rating options

Allows multi-channel operation and provides suitable signal strength for good mobile TV reception.

Low-power options

Avoids blocking of co-located cell-based mobile communications receivers at base stations and ensures emissions remain within limits.

Ideal for co-locating mobile TV at cell-based mobile base stations.

Small size and low drag profile

Provides a high wind-speed rating with low wind load, allowing structural considerations to be met.


Ideal for high-volume deployments