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July 23, 2015

Variable Gain Tower Mounted Amplifiers

RFS Variable Gain Tower Mounted Amplifiers Optimize Uplink Signals to Ensure Seamless Coverage


RFS has introduced Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMAs) with Variable Gain for 700MHz, PCS and all AWS frequencies. TMAs are increasingly being deployed to overcome limitations of LTE. The LTE system takes advantage of the added uplink gain provided by a TMA, reducing overall interference. Tower Mounted Amplifiers can also increase data rates without reducing capacity.

The new TMAs feature DC sense and DC/AISG bypass and are ready for antennas with integrated AISG Bias-Ts. The bypass will allow operators to reduce the number of cables/jumpers on towers, lowering monthly leasing costs and minimizing connection points. They cover and allow for seamless transitions to new, expanded frequencies, including the unpaired AWS-3 (1695-1710) and AWS-4 (2180-2200) spectrums.  Featuring best-in-class PIM for improved network performance, these exceptionally small and lightweight units reduce tower loading to reduce monthly leasing costs, ease zoning and installation, and lower overall installation costs.

Features Benefits
DC sense and AISG bypass

Ready for integrated AISG Bias-Ts on antennas

Variable Gain

Enhances system flexibility

Future-proof for AWS-3 and AWS-4 (high band versions)
Seamless transition to new frequencies
Expanding AWS frequency range down to 1695 Ideal for applications in dense areas
All models share same firmware (AISG 2.0)
Simplifies management
Lightest weight, dual TMA on the market
Reduces tower loading

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