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Come and meet us at

NAB Show 2018

9 – 12 Apr 2018 . Las Vegas, United States Las Vegas, United States Las Vegas, United States

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Meet RFS at NAB Show 2018

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RFS to Showcase New Initiatives Driving Broadcast Innovation at NAB 2018
RFS is proud to announce several new initiatives aimed to advance how RF systems for broadcast are approached. RFS is modernizing the way that broadcast RF products are being designed, built and used - all with the scalability and flexibility expected today and necessary for the future. RFS will be showcasing its latest initiatives in booth C1913 at NAB 2018, April 9-12 in Las Vegas, NV.

Antenna analysis and selection tool (AAST)
Download this tool that offers full flexibility to choose a wealth of parameters, and creates a full report that makes the selection of an antenna easy, and details everything from transmitter output power, losses in filters, combiners and cables, to the ERP and radiation patterns that will result from the selections made.
Download the Software

Variable Polarization Technology (VPT)
RFS’ patented Variable Polarization Technology provides the future-proof technology that you need today. With so many unknowns in the market, and with ATSC3.0 just on the horizon, why not upgrade your system today with one that is truly future proof - one that allows for future changes in polarization ratios as business models change.
Link to the WHITE PAPER

SBB-EP series of Elliptical Wideband Slot Antennas
These broadband antennas can be utilized by single or multiple broadcasters for interim or auxiliary usage, and provide a fixed elliptical polarization that is constant over the UHF band. They are ideally suited when a high performance antenna is needed, that allows for frequency agility between current and future channel operation. The design of the SBB-EP incorporates a corrosion-resistant cylindrical fiberglass radome, with extremely low wind loading and high power rating.

New tunable coaxial RF filters for up to 60 kW / 120 kW in UHF
With these cast 6-pole and 8-pole PeakPower+™ filters, the heat is dissipated much more evenly and the insertion loss is greatly reduced for power levels up to 60kW, convection or liquid cooled. Coaxial Constant Impedance Filter systems can be offered to up to 120 kW. With the help of RFS’ BCAT™ Computer-Aided Tuning Software, it is possible to completely tune (or retune) these filters in under one hour locally or in the field, without having to replace any components. As such they can operate at both pre-and post-repack channels, providing greater flexibility and offering more options for interim and repack scenarios. They are also the basis of RFS’ coaxial channel combiners with the same benefits.

Filter selection and planning tool (FST)
Download this tool that offers full flexibility to choose a filter and select the criteria in which it will be used. The tool will provide the maximum power acceptable under those conditions, as well as the insertion loss and return loss.
Link to the TOOL

Coaxial transmitter power combiners for power levels up to 120 kW
RFS is pioneering high-power coaxial transmitter power combiners to up to 120 kW. These are designed for transmitter manufacturers who want to combine several racks of amplifiers into one RF output without having to resort to waveguide transmitter combiners. RFS’ coaxial transmitter combiners greatly reduce the volume of such high power systems, which is critical when space is at a premium.

Combiner Analysis and Selection Tool (CAST)
The RFS Combiner Analysis and Selection Tool allows the user to select and configure a channel combiner for use in a multi-channel transmission system. Channel information, transmitter power and modulation type can be chosen and combiner system options selected. Also input and output switching and directional couplers can be configured. The tool generates a full report detailing the combiner module types selected, power handling, insertion loss, group delay and other parameters.
Link to the TOOL

RFStar™ UHF Slotted Array Antenna
RFS utilizes proven “Slot” technology for its full range of US manufactured antennas. Featuring cylindrical radomes for minimal windload and reliable operation. Horizontal, elliptical and circular polarization are available along with multiple vertical patterns (varying null fill) and a full array of standard as well as custom azimuth patterns.

All-Inclusive Connector Kits for Air Dielectric Cables
RFS connector kits include all necessary components for easier ordering and installation. Available for each of RFS’ popular air cable sizes, the kits will include all components necessary for convenient installation – the inner joining kit, hardware kit with O-ring, gas block/pass conversion, connector sealant and heat shrink tubing.

PEPL Antenna Panel Array Offers Lower Wind Load
RFS’ PEP Lite array has similar wind load characteristics to traditional pylon arrays but is both frequency-agile (covering the full UHF array) and polarization-agile, allowing two channels to operate in the array with different polarization ratios. These polarization ratios can also be changed in the future with no change required to the antenna system. These antennas are also suited to MIMO and MISO operation. Both standard and hurricane rated options are available.