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44-88MHz TV Panel Arrays
606L Series

Rev : 02 | Rev date : 27 Jan 2021
The 606L series of panels are low wind load antennas engineered to provide customized coverage for any single TV channel in Band I.
The 606LV panel comprises two separate dipole and screen assemblies vertically spaced one-half wavelength apart.
Each assembly has one half-wave dipole mounted on a screen with a 7/8" EIA input and must be mounted in pairs. Both the dipole and screen are made from galvanized steel tube for maximum strength and minimum wind load.
The open construction of these panels permits easy inspection and maintenance after installation.
The 606LV antenna can be arranged in an array to provide the required coverage for a particular service area. Array design is carried out by RFS engineers to provide both directional and omni-directional patterns as well as beam tilt and null fill tailored to the customer's specification.
Panels are fed through a power divider network, normally fully pressurized, and designed to meet the power handling requirements at the customer's specified site. As each half panel is rated at 5kW, high power ratings are achieved.
To minimize shipping costs panels are supplied in "knock down" form with dipoles, screens, power dividers and interconnecting cables in separate packages.  Full assembly details are provided.


  • Low wind load
  • Pressurizable to dipole feed points
  • Feed system radomes available for snow and ice conditions
  • Temperature range -40 to +60 degrees C available
  • Supplied in kit form for easy transport
  • Four-sided array design
  • Rugged galvanized steel construction
  • Horizontal polarization - 606L
  • Vertical polarization - 606LV
  • Array design provides both directional and omnidirectional patterns as well as beam tilt and null fill to suit individual customer requirements, contact RFS for details.

606L Antenna Series showing 606L panel

Technical features


Product LineAntenna TV
Product TypeBand I (Low VHF) TV Panel Array 606LV

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range MHz44 - 88
Nominal Gain (Mid-band) dBd7.5
Half Power Beamwidth Azimuth degrees64
Return Loss dB26 Vision, 23 across channel
Impedance (unbalanced) Ω50

Mechanical Specifications

Number of ChannelsSingle
Input Connector2 x 7/8" EIA Flange / Panel
Mounting (Standard) mm (in)8 x 16mm (8 x 5/8") bolts
Recommended Spacing between Bays cm (in)273 (107)
Effective Area Front (full antenna) No Ice m² (ft²)1.38 (14.85)
Effective Area Side (full antenna) No Ice m² (ft²)1.2 (12.9)
Design Wind Speed km/h (mph)240 (150)
Pressurization Operational kPa (psi)10 - 25 (1.5 - 3.6)
Pressurization Test kPa (psi)100 (15)
Weight kg (lb)130 (287)


Material - InsulatorsPTFE
Material - Reflecting ScreenHot Dipped Galvanised steel

Radiation Pattern

606L Dimensions

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Note 1 Dimensions and weights are for Ch E3 (54 to 61 MHz). These figures will vary with the selected channel.