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174-240MHz Sidemount DAB/TV Dipoles
618 Series

These vertically polarized antennas for TV and DAB broadcasting applications are intended for use where low wind loadings are required. They are designed to be sidemounted to a tower leg or pole and optional mounting brackets are available for this purpose.
The 618 series are fabricated from stainless steel and will handle up to 4kW input power per bay for standard models. Beam tilt and null fill can be provided on request.
Radomes are available for the 618 series if required.
Multiple element arrays are supplied as a complete package including power dividers and distribution cables. An optional input tuner ensures optimum VSWR performance after installation as it enables the effects of tower steelwork to be eliminated.
The 618 series can be arrayed with up to 6 or more bays as required.
Horizontal radiation patterns can be modified on the RFS antenna test range if required, by adjusting the spacing between the antenna and tower.


  • Rugged construction for maximum corrosion protection
  • Broadband operation
  • Multi-channel use if required
  • Optional pressurization
  • Low wind load to minimize tower or mast costs
  • Vertical polarization
  • Temperature range -40 to +60 degrees C available.

618 Series showing 618-1

Technical features


Product LineAntenna TV
Product TypeBand III (High VHF) TV/DAB Panel Array 618-1

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range MHz174 - 240
Nominal Gain (Mid-band) dBd0
Azimuth Radiation PatternOmni-directional +3 dB (Note 1)
Return Loss dBTypically 20 over 50MHz, 30 single channel, field tunable
Power Rating kW4 (Note 2)
Impedance (unbalanced) Ω50

Mechanical Specifications

Input Connector7-16 DIN
7/8" EIA Flange
Dimensions (Height or Length) cm (in)69.5 (27.4) typical
Dimensions (Width) cm (in)6 (2.4)
Dimensions (Depth) cm (in)100.8 (39.7)
Mounting (Standard) mm (in)Clamping Dia. 43 - 76mm (1.7 - 3)
Effective Area Front (full antenna) No Ice m² (ft²)Ant 0.11 (1.18) (Note 3)
Effective Area Front (full antenna) with 12.5mm(0.5") Radial Ice m² (ft²)Ant 0.11 (1.18) (Note 3)
Effective Area Power Divider m² (ft²)(Note 4)
Effective Area CommentRefer Notes 3, 4, 5
Wind Load @ 50 m/sec Front kN (lb)0.13 (30)
Wind Load Comment (Note 5)
Pressurization Operational kPa (psi)10 - 25 (1.5 - 3.6)
Pressurization Test kPa (psi)100 (15)
Weight kg (lb)8 (18)

Packaging Information

Shipping Weight, Kg (lb)kg (lb)8 ()

Azimuth Pattern
Support pole spaced 0.25 wavelength from tower.

Azimuth Pattern
Support pole spaced 1.1 wavelength from tower (reduced bandwidth).

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Note 1 When antenna is mounted on a mast/tower with a face width of less than 150mm.
Note 2 Input power is limited to 5 kW maximum if a 7/8"" connector is used.
Note 3 Connecting cables are not included in calculations - 0.03 metres squared per metre length should be allowed.
Note 4 Power divider included and considered adjacent to antennas.
Note 5 Calculated in accordance with AS1170-1989, Part 2:"" SAA Loading Code - Wind Forces"".