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WindMaster® Panel Dual-Polarized 4-Port Antenna, 2 * 1710-2700 MHz, 65°, 17.5-18.5dBi, 1.3m, VET, 0°-12°

A combination of two X-Polarized antennas in a single radome, the RFS Quad-Pol antennas are designed for applications requiring a minimum number of antennas at a cell site and reduced tower loading. They offer the rugged construction of our new series of high band antennas that feature both high RF performance and energy efficiency. They are ideal for LTE 2.6, 3G, PCS, AWS, GSM 1800 and Mobile TV networks where high gain is required. These antennas are especially well suited for MIMO applications.


  • Ultra-broadband design
  • Best-in-the-industry gain values
  • Two x-polarized broadband panels in a single narrow radome - reduced tower loading & lower profile
  • Variable electrical downtilt - provides enhanced precision in controlling intercell interference
  • High suppression of all upper sidelobes
  • High front-to-back ratio

Technical features

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range MHz1710-18801850-19901920-21702300-2700
Gain, Low TiltdBi17.517.617.718.5
Gain, Mid TiltdBi17.417.517.618.0
Gain, High TiltdBi17.317.417.517.5
Horizontal Beamwidth deg65656563
Vertical Beamwidth deg7.
Electrical Downtilt Range deg0-12
1st Upper Sidelobe Suppression dB17 Typical
Front-To-Back Ratio dBTypically 30
PolarizationDual pol +/-45°
VSWR< 1.5:1
Isolation between Ports dB>30
3rd Order IMP @ 2 x 43 dBmdBc>153
Impedance Ohms50
Maximum Power Input W300300300270
Beamwidth Approximate deg65
Frequency/Operating BandPCS 1900 (1850-1990 MHz)
DCS 1800 (1710-1785, 1805-1880 MHz)
3G/UMTS (Single, Broad, Dual and Triple-Band)
AWS Band (1710-1755, 2110-2155 MHz)
LTE (Ultra Broadband)
Antenna TypeDual Polarized-Side by Side
Electrical Down Tilt OptionVariable

Mechanical Specifications

Lightning ProtectionDirect Ground
Connector Type/Location(4) 7-16 Long Neck Female/Bottom
Dimensions - HxWxD mm (in)1375 x 288 x 118 (54.1 x 11.3 x 4.6)
Weight w/o Mtg Hardware kg (lb)13.5 (29.8)
Survival/Rated Wind Speed km/h (mph]200 (125) / 150 (93.2)
Wind Load @ Rated Wind, FrontN (lbf)400 (90)
Wind Load @ Rated Wind, Max.N (lbf)443 (100)
Wind Load @ Rated Wind, SideN (lbf)162 (36)
Wind Load @ Rated Wind, RearN (lbf)443 (100)
Mount TypeDowntilt
Height (Approximate) ft.4.5

Testing and Environmental

Operation temperature °C (°F)-40 to 60 (-40 to 140 )


Radome Material/ColorASA/Light Grey RAL7035
Mounting Hardware MaterialAPM40-2
Radiating Element MaterialAluminum
Reflector MaterialAluminum

Ordering Information

Shipping Weight kg (lb)20.4 (45)
Packing Dimensions, HxWxD mm (in)1489 x 371 x 314 (58.6 x 14.6 x 12.4)
Mounting HardwareAPM40-2
Mounting Pipe Diameter mm (in)60 - 120 (2.36 - 4.72 )
Mounting Hardware Weight kg (lb)3.4 (7.5)

Antenna End Plate

Antenna Array

Antenna Drawing


Available Configurations

  • APXVLL13N-C — No ACU included — Shipping Weight 20.4 kg.
  • APXVLL13N-C-A20 — (2) Pre-commissioned ACUs included — Shipping Weight 21.4 kg.
  • APXVLL13N-C-NA20 — (2) Pre-commissioned ACUs included with daisy-chain cable —  Shipping Weight 21.5 kg.
  • For additional mounting information please click ""External Document Links"" below.