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High Dynamic Range RF Power Detectors

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This product range potentially can measure true root-mean-square (RMS) RF power over a dynamic range of 60dB in a single carrier or complex multi channel digital waveform environment at frequencies up to 2.7 GHz.
The peak voltages of multiple transmitters statistically add. In a system of digital transmitters with individually high crest factors this can result in a system with peak to average voltages in excess of 20 dB. Traditional power detectors using diode detection or log amps do not accurately measure power when the peak-to-average ratio of the transmitted signal is not fixed.
Designed for use with RFS directional couplers and the output polled by a master unit, multiple RF sensors and other RS485 devices can be simply paralleled on the one pair of wires. The RFS Monitor System display unit supplies DC power to the detectors and has an 8.4"" TFT colour screen to provide multiple views of detector and RF switch arrays.
Alternatively, the detector can be used without the control unit featuring a linear or log analogue output (0.05 to 4.75V, 100 ohms), requiring an external 8 to 30V DC power source at 60mA.


� True RMS power detector
� Input dynamic range in excess of 50dB
� RF power measurement is independent of signal peak-to-average ratio (crest factor)
� Measurement of power of multiple digital channels with crest factors approaching 20dB
� Standard frequency range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz
� Output is via a half duplex RS485 two wire interface

Wideband RF detector module

Technical features

Electrical Specifications

Frequency BandVHF Band I, VHF Band II, VHF Band III, UHF Band IV/V
Input Power dBm36
Input ImpedanceΩ50
Output ImpedanceΩ50
Input dynamic rangedB>50
Input Power (Continuous Max) dBm24
Input Power DTV Max dBm13
Input Power (min) dBm-27

Mechanical Specifications

RF ConnectorN Type plug

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