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Balanced UHF TV Combiners

Rev : 01.2 | Rev date : 19 Jun 2017
This series of constant impedance UHF combiner modules is designed for multi-channel digital and/or analog TV combining applications. Modules are designed in sizes including 50E, 100E, 150E and 200E and available with 3 pole, 5 pole, 6 pole cross-coupled, 7 pole and 8 pole filters making them suitable for all low to medium power applications.

Balanced UHF TV combiners are ideal when optimum performance specifications are required. They are extremely compact, temperature stable and suitable for a wide range of applications.
Each balanced combiner module consists of two 3dB couplers, separated by two coaxial or bandpass filters. The filters are designed according to channel spacing and power rating.

The narrowband input corresponds to the bandpass resonant frequency, whereas the wideband input can be any other channel in the applicable TV band. Modules can be connected together to provide a multi-channel combiner with eight or more channels possible. Bandpass coaxial filters suit the following channel separations:
  • 3 pole: 3 channels or greater. For example channels 31 and 34
  • 5 pole: 2 channels or greater. For example channels 31 and 33
  • 6, 7 or 8 pole: adjacent channels. For example channels 31 and 32


  • Compact design
  • Adjustable channel bandwidth
  • Tunable across full band
  • Inbuilt fine tuner to optimize wideband return loss on 50E models.
  • Expandable for future services
  • Temperature stabilized
  • Optional wall mount for 50E models.

Directional probe for forward/reflected power monitoring on 50E models.

CA3P200E balanced combiner

Technical features


Product LineCombiner TV
Product TypeBand IV/V (UHF) TV Balanced Combiner
Filter Type and SizeCoaxial

Electrical Specifications

Frequency RangeMHz470 - 860
Minimum Channel SpacingMHz3
Narrowband Input Power12
Maximum Output PowerkW1930
Impedance Ω50
Number of Poles3
Narrowband Input 3 dB Channel Bandwidth MHz6
Narrowband Input Insertion Loss dB0.2 - 0.25
Return Loss dB30
Narrowband Input Min. Group Delay , nsecns20
Wideband Input Insertion Loss dB1
Wideband Input Return Loss dB26

Mechanical Specifications

Narrowband Input Connector3-1/8" EIA
Wideband Input Connector3-1/8" EIA4-1/2" IEC

Temperature Specifications

Operating Temperature Range °C(°F)0 to 40 (32 to 104 )

Combiner Module Configuration

CA3P200E typical arrangement when mounted in a rack

3PC200E filter

3 Pole filters with R series connectors