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UHF Slot Antennas
CBS and 2CBS Series

Rev : 01 | Rev date : 12 Apr 2014
Slot antennas are a popular method of providing versatile antennas for UHF TV broadcasting applications. The RFS CBS series of slot antennas were developed for Band IV and V antenna applications, offering bandwidths up to 110MHz for multichannel operation.
 The standard CBS series is also available as a dual stack antenna (designated 2CBS series) with two CBS radiators stacked in a single fibreglass radome. Dual inputs are available on the 2CBS series as an option.
 An improved VSWR over 1 or 2 channels can be achieved by the addition of a tuning unit that is connected to the input terminal of the antenna.
 CBS antennas offer extremely low wind loading characteristics and thus, low cost support structures.
 These antennas offer many advantages over comparable panel arrays. Of compact cylindrical construction they are ideal for use in situations where low wind loadings are a primary concern. They are also aesthetically pleasing, having a low profile while maintaining great strength for the most severe weather including cyclonic conditions.
 Top mounting and mounting to a single leg of a tower structure is possible and on site assembly, erection and aligning are relatively simple. Minimal maintenance is required.
 Having a 7/8"" EIA flange input (excepting the CBS7LP), plus the totally sealed fibreglass radome, these antennas are fully pressurized.  Unpressurized operation is achieved simply by removing the drain plug in the base plate.


  • Copper/brass construction - stainless steel mounting interface
  • Horizontal polarization
  • Low wind loading
  • Fully pressurized
  • Multichannel operation is possible
  • Temperature range -40 to +60 degrees C available.

CBS and 2CBS Antenna Series showing CBS7

Technical features


Product LineAntenna TV
Product TypeBand IV/V (UHF) TV Slot Antenna CBS6

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range MHz578 - 704
Nominal Gain (Mid-band) dBd9.5
Return Loss dB20 Note #1
Power Rating kW1.3
Null Fill (minimum) %5
Impedance (unbalanced) Ω50

Mechanical Specifications

Input Connector7/8" EIA Flange
Dimensions (Height or Length) cm (in)200 (79)
Radome Diameter mm (in)217 (8.5)
Base Diameter mm (in)336 (13.2)
Mounting (Standard) mm (in)8 x 22mm (7/8) holes on a 292mm (11.5) PCD
Effective Area Front (full antenna) No Ice m² (ft²)0.40 (4.3)
Effective Area Front (full antenna) with 12.5mm(0.5") Radial Ice m² (ft²)0.40 (4.3)
Wind Load @ 50 m/sec Front kN (lb)0.47 (110)
Pressurization Operational kPa (psi)10 - 25 (1.5 - 3.6)
Pressurization Test kPa (psi)100 (15)
Weight kg (lb)25 (55)

Packaging Information

Shipping Weight, Kg (lb)kg (lb)25 ()


Material - RadomeFibreglass
Material - Support Pole / MountingBase Flange - Stainless steel
ColourRadome colour white or grey

Typical Azimuth Radiation Pattern

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Note 1 Better than 26dB over limited bandwidth with additional tuning/cost.