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GKA Series

Rev : 01.1 | Rev date : 21 Jun 2017
RFS Parabolic GRID KITS are designed to be assembled into grid parabolic antennas of comparable performance to welded grid antennas.
Grid kit antennas have an important advantage - they can be packed in smaller component level packages, greatly reducing transportation costs, handling and storage problems. Assembly can be carried out with a few basic tools and is easily achieved at remote sites.
Kits contain universal mounting clamps including the panning clamp, but tower mounting tubes are not included. The mounting method allows either horizontal or vertical polarization.


  • Extremely rugged mechanical design to withstand high wind speeds (up to 270 km/h)
  • 100 MHz bandwidth for multichannel applications
  • Horizontal or vertical polarization
  • Easy adjustment of azimuth and elevation
  • Broadband unpressurized feeds, with no trade off in gain slope characteristics
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium tube reflector, hot dip galvanized mounting, stainless steel hardware.

Technical features


Product LineAntenna TV
Product TypeBand IV/V (UHF) TV Grid Kit Antenna

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range MHz526 - 820
100-200MHz within UHF band depending on application.  Contact RFS for details.
Nominal Gain (Mid-band) dBdUpper limit 27.4
Mid band 25.4
Lower limit 23.5
Max. Bandwidth MHz100
Return Loss dB> 17.7
Power Rating kW0.1 (N-type)
0.5 (7/8" EIA)
Input/Power Rating CommentNote 4
Min. Front to Back Ratio dB25
Side Lobe (max) dB15
Impedance (unbalanced) Ω50

Mechanical Specifications

Input ConnectorN socket (suffix "N")
7/8" EIA flange (suffix "E")
Dimensions (Height or Length) cm (in)380 (150) Diameter
Mounting (Standard) mm (in)Clamp size 76 - 115mm (3 - 6) OD tube Note 5
Effective Area Front (full antenna) No Ice m² (ft²)4.5 (48.4)
Effective Area Front (full antenna) with 12.5mm(0.5") Radial Ice m² (ft²)4.5 (48.4)
Effective Area Side (full antenna) No Ice m² (ft²)2.3 (24.7)
Effective Area Side (full antenna) 12.5mm (0.5") Radial Ice m² (ft²)2.3 (24.7)
Wind Survival Rating km/h (mph)270 (168)
Wind Load @ 55 m/sec Front kN (lb)8.3 (1866)
Wind Load @ 55 m/sec Side kN (lb)4.6 (1034)
Wind Load CommentNote 2
Weight kg (lb)130 (287)

Packaging Information

Shipping Weight, Kg (lb)kg (lb)318 (701)
Shipping Volume m³ (ft³)1.88 (66.3)
Shipping Dimension - Length cm (in)404 (159.1)
Shipping Dimension - Width cm (in)101 (39.8)
Shipping Dimension - Height cm (in)46 (18.1)


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Note 1 All Grid kit antennas are packed in heavy wood cases.
Note 2 Wind load at 55m/sec (200 km/hr); calculated in accordance with AS1170:Part 2,""SAA Loading Code - Wind Forces"".
Note 3 Wind survival rating calculated in accordance with AS1664 and AS1250 (minimum safety factor of 1.5 on yield strength).
Note 4 Add suffix to model number ""N"" for N type, ""E"" for 7/8 EIA flange.
Note 5 Fine adjustment in azimuth and elevation on all models is ±5 degrees (min).
Note 6 Lightning protection by direct ground.