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HYBRIFLEX® RRH Hybrid Cable Solution 6x12, 6AWG
Low-Inductance, 1-1/4”, Single-Mode Fiber With DLC Connectors

RFS’ HYBRIFLEX Remote Radio Head (RRH) hybrid feeder cabling solution combines optical fiber and DC power for RRHs in a single lightweight aluminum corrugated cable, making it the world’s most innovative solution for RRH deployments.

This low-inductance version of HYBRIFLEX allows mobile operators deploying an RRH architecture to deploy >400ft sites without the danger of power-cycling their RRHs due to voltage swings, which could occur in some specific instances. It combines bend-insensitive single-mode fiber (12 pairs of DLC connectors), 6 pairs of low-inductance DC wires and 9 pairs of 18AWG wires used to carry alarm signals. The package also includes a special RFS-designed DC insulating boot, used to properly protect and insulate the DC wires after stripping the jacket, avoiding possible short-circuits while wiring it to the distribution boxes. Standard RFS CELLFLEX® accessories can be used with HYBRIFLEX cable.


  • DC Wire Insulator (Patent pending) – Used at the DC wire connection in distribution boxes, prevents potential short circuits
  • Aluminum corrugated armor with outstanding bending characteristics – Minimizes installation time and enables mechanical protection and shielding
  • Same accessories as 1-1/4” coaxial cable – Saves installation costs and time
  • Outer conductor grounding – Eliminates typical grounding requirements and saves on installation costs
  • Lightweight solution and compact design – Decreases tower loading
  • Robust cabling – Eliminates need for expensive cable trays and ducts
  • Optical fiber and power cables housed in single corrugated cable – Saves CAPEX by standardizing RRH cable installation and reducing installation requirements
  • Outdoor, flame-retardant jacket – Ensures long-lasting cable protection


Technical features


Cable TypeHYBRIFLEX® Low Inductance
Fire PerformanceFlame Retardant
Lengthm (ft)155.45 (510)

Mechanical Specifications

Outer Diameter Nominal mm (in)39 (1.54)
Cable Weight kg/m (lb/ft)2.52 (1.7)
Minimum Bending Radius, Single Bendmm (in)152 (6)
Minimum Bending Radius, Multi Bendsmm (in)254 (10)
Recommended / Maximum Clamp Spacing m (ft)1 / 1.2 (3.25 / 4)

DC Power Cable Specifications

Number of DC Pairs6
Maximum DC-Resistance Power Cable Ω/km (Ω/kft)1.4 (0.42)
Cross Section of Power Cable mm² (AWG)13.3 (6)
DC Wire Jacket MaterialPVC/Nylon
DC Cable Single Bending Radius mm (in)137 (5.4)
DC Cable Diameter mm (in)9.3 (0.365)
DC Cable JacketPVC/Nylon
DC Standards (Meets or Exceeds)For use in Type RHC per UL 2882,PVC/Nylon,RoHS/REACH Compliant
Break-out lengthmm(in)812.8 +/-0 (32 +/-0)
DC Cable sealing methodSemi-rigid flame-retarded polyolefin, with hot melt adhesive
Alarm Wire18 (9 twisted pairs), 0.8mm2 (18AWG)

Cable Jacket

UV-Protection Individual and External JacketYes

Armor Specifications

Armor TypeCorrugated Aluminum
Maximum DC-Resistance of Armor Ω/km (Ω/kft)0.9 (0.27)
Diameter Corrugated Armor mm (in)36 (1.42)

F/O Cable Specifications

F/O Cable TypeSingle-Mode, Bend Tolerant
Number of F/O Pairs12
Core/Clad µm9 /125
Secondary Protection Nominal µm (in)900 (0.035)
Single Bending Radius mm (in)137 (5.4)
F/O Standards (Meets or Exceeds)UL Listed Type OFNR (UL1666), RoHS Compliant
Optical LossdB/Km0.5 @ 1310 nm
0.5 @ 1550 nm
Fiber Termination End 1DLC Connectors
Fiber Termination End 2DLC Connectors
FO Break-out lengthmm(in)939.8 +/-50.8 (37 +/-2)
Cable sealing methodSemi-rigid flame-retarded polyolefin, with hot melt adhesive

Testing and Environmental

Storage Temperature °C (°F)-40 to 70 (-40 to 158 )
Operation Temperature °C (°F)-40 to 65 (-40 to 158 )
Installation Temperature °C (°F)-20 to 65 (-4 to 149 )
Jacket SpecificationsUL2882 Type RHC, UL listed
Alarm Wire Standards (Meets or Exceeds)UL Standard 1063, 1581 VW-1, MTW Oil and Gasoline RES1 SUNRES (Cable meets UL requirements), RoHS/REACH Compliant


DC Wire Insulator