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HBF058-08U1SS2-xxF1 Series
HYBRIFLEX® RRH Hybrid Jumper 1 pair, 8AWG, 5/8", Single-Mode, 2 Single Strand Fibers with LC Connectors

        RFS’ HYBRIFLEX Remote Radio Head (RRH) hybrid feeder cabling solution combines optical fiber and DC power for RRHs in a single lightweight aluminum corrugated cable, making it the world’s most innovative solution for RRH deployments.
         It was developed to reduce installation complexity and costs at Cellular sites. HYBRIFLEX allows mobile operators deploying an RRH architecture to standardize the RRH installation process and eliminate the need for and cost of cable grounding.
HYBRIFLEX combines optical fiber (multi-mode or single-mode) and power in a single corrugated cable. It eliminates the need for junction boxes and can connect multiple RRHs with a single feeder. Standard RFS CELLFLEX® accessories can be used with HYBRIFLEX cable.


  • Single Strand Fiber
  • Lightweight solution and compact design→ Decreases tower loading
  • Robust cabling→Eliminates need for expensive cable trays and ducts
  • Optical fiber and power cables housed in single corrugated cable→Saves CAPEX by standardizing RRH cable installation and reducing installation requirements
  • UL-Listed Components, flame-retardant jacket, UV protected assembles→Allows both indoor and outdoor applications

Technical features


Cable TypeHYBRIFLEX® Standard
Fire PerformanceFlame Retardant

Mechanical Specifications

Outer Diameter Nominal mm (in)21.4 (0.84)
Cable Weight kg/m (lb/ft)0.51 (0.34)
Minimum Bending Radius, Single Bendmm (in)102 (4)
Minimum Bending Radius, Multi Bendsmm (in)254 (10)
Recommended / Maximum Clamp Spacing m (ft)1 / 1.2 (3.25 / 4)

DC Power Cable Specifications

Number of DC Pairs1
Maximum DC-Resistance Power Cable Ω/km (Ω/kft)2.2 (0.66)
Cross Section of Power Cable mm² (AWG)8.4 (8)
DC Wire Jacket MaterialPVC/Nylon
DC Cable Single Bending Radius mm (in)83 (3.3)
DC Cable Diameter mm (in)5.5 (0.22)
DC Cable JacketPVC/Nylon
DC Standards (Meets or Exceeds)For use in Type MC per UL 1569, PVC Nylon, RoHS/REACH Compliant
Break-out length (Top)mm(in)914 +/-0 (36 +/-0)
Break-out length (Bottom)mm(in)914 +/-0 (36 +/-0)
DC Cable sealing methodSemi-rigid, flame-retardant polyolefin, with hot melt adhesive

Cable Jacket

UV-Protection Individual and External JacketYes

Armor Specifications

Armor TypeCorrugated Aluminum
Maximum DC-Resistance of Armor Ω/km (Ω/kft)1.97 (0.6)
Diameter Corrugated Armor mm (in)18.5 (0.73)

F/O Cable Specifications

F/O Cable TypeG657-A2 Single Mode, Bend Tolerant
Core/Clad µm9 /125
Single Bending Radius mm (in)83 (3.3)
Cable Diameter mm (in)5.5 (0.216)
F/O Standards (Meets or Exceeds)UL Listed Type OFNR (UL1666), RoHS Compliant
Optical LossdB/Km0.5 @ 1310 nm
0.5 @ 1550 nm
Fiber Termination End 1LC Connector
Fiber Termination End 2LC Connector
FO Break-out length (Top)mm(in)914 +/-0 (36 +/-0)
FO Break-out length (Bottom)mm(in)914 +/-0 (36 +/-0)
Cable sealing methodSemi-rigid flame-retardant polyolefin, with hot melt adhesive

Testing and Environmental

Storage Temperature °C (°F)-40 to 70 (40 to 158 )
Operation Temperature °C (°F)-40 to 65 (-40 to 149 )
Installation Temperature °C (°F)-20 to 65 (-4 to 149 )


Jumper contains 2 single strands of LC to LC terminated single mode fiber optic cable.