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LPF Series
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The RFS LPF low pass filter provides a minimum of 35 dB rejection up to 4.5 GHz.
A custom designed structure is used to create a very sharp cut-off rate and to maintain high rejection.
Unlike traditional coaxial low pass filters, the RFS LPF does not exhibit the typical rejection band periodicity. High quality insulating material is used throughout the internal design of the low pass filter leading to high power handling capability and very low insertion loss while keeping dimensions small.
With the lowpass filter installed, a broadcast TV transmitter can be safely operated in co-location with other wireless services such as GSM1800 and WiFi.


  • High power handling capability
  • Low insertion loss
  • Sharp cut off rate
  • 35dB rejection up to 4.5GHz
  • Compact size

Low Pass Filter Series showing LPF16E4

Technical features

General Specifications

Product TypeBand IV/V (UHF) TV Low Pass Filter
Product LineFilters
Technical ApplicationHarmonic suppression

Electrical Specifications

Pass BandMHz470 - 862
Pass band Return Loss>25 dB (VSWR<1.12)>27 dB (VSWR<1.1)
Pass Band Insertion LossdB< 0.08 dB< 0.08 dB (typ 0.06dB)
Stop band rejection>12 dB @ f > 1100MHz
>40 dB (1400 MHz-3500MHz)
>35 dB (3500MHz-4500MHz)
>12 dB @ f > 1100MHz
>40 dB (1400 MHz-1550MHz)
>55 dB (1550MHz-4500MHz)
Power HandlingkW2 kW DVB av power5 kW DVB av power

Mechanical Specifications

Connectors7-16 DIN1 5/8" or 3 1/8" flanged or unflanged
Dimensions203mm x 33mm x 108mm295mm x 100mm x 100mm

Temperature Specifications

Temperature Range°C (°F)-10 to 50 ( to )



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