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RL478 Series
Rigid Line Components 4 7/8” 50 ohm

RFS rigid line components are available for both unpressurized (indoor) and pressurized, flanged (outdoor) systems. ;
Sizes available are 7/8", 1-5/8", 3-1/8", 4-1/2", 4-7/8", 6-1/8" and 7-3/16�.
All components are manufactured to the most exacting tolerances.
Other line sizes are available on special order.


  • Line inner and outer tubing is of high conductivity, hard-drawn, copper, milled to exact dimensions. Unflanged components for indoor use are polished and sprayed with a clear lacquer to maintain a high lustre finish
  • Flanges and mitred elbow joints are TIG welded for maximum strength
  • Captive PTFE dielectric insulators are used exclusively in lines and elbows to ensure precision mating and stability of components after assembly
  • All inner conductor connectors are silver plated
  • All components conform to the relevant EIA or IEC standards

Technical features


Product LineComponents
Product TypeCopper Rigid Line Components 4-7/8" 50 ohm
Feeder TypeAir Dielectric, solid inner and outer PTFE spacers
Conductor MaterialHigh conductivity copper tube
Outer Conductor OD mm (in)123.2 (4.85)
Outer Conductor ID mm (in)120 (4.724)
Inner Conductor OD mm (in)52.1 (2.051)
Inner Conductor ID mm (in)50.1 (1.972)

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range MHz50 - 862
Frequency BandVHF Band I, VHF Band II, VHF Band III, UHF Band IV/V
Impedance, ohmsΩ50 +/- 0.5
Peak Power Rating kW2160
RF Peak Voltage, VoltsV14700
Part number EIA Flanged RL51,755
Length EIA Flanged RL mm55
Isolation dB32
Output Power SplitdB3 +/- 0.15 Note#2
Output Phasedegrees90 +/- 1 Note#2

Mechanical Specifications

Weight kg/m (lb/ft)7.1 (4.76)
Flange Weight kg (lb)1.5 (3.3)
Flange StandardIEC
Standard lengths m (ft)5.5 (18)
Max. indoor clamp spacing m (ft)2 (6.5)
Max. exterior clamp spacing m (ft)1.2 (4)

Ordering Information

Length Unflanged RL m55
Part number Unflanged RL51,855
Attenuation at 20°C (68°F) cable temperature
Mean power rating at 40°C (104°F) ambient temperature
#1 Outer temp rise 23°C (73°F), Inner temp rise 80°C (176°F)
#2 Outer temp rise 30°C (86°F), Inner temp rise 100°C (212°F)
Applying a dark matt finish will reduce max temp rises.

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