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SBB Series
Band IV/V (UHF) Antenna 470-700 MHz

Rev : 02 | Rev date : 03 Jul 2019
The SBB series of antennas are broadband low wind load antennas designed as interim, permanent reseve or main antenna.
The SBB is ideally suited to the broadcaster who requires a high performance antenna with frequency agility to allow for both current and future channel operation. Used by a single broadcaster, or multiple broadcasters as a shared antenna, SBB antennas provide unprecedented broadband performance.
SBB antennas are available 8, 16, 24 and 32 slots high and with Cardioid 'C170' or Skull 'S180' patterns. See external document attached.


  • Full broadband performance 470-700 MHz for future and current channel allocations.
  • Corrosion resistant construction with cylindrical fibreglass radome.
  • Extremely low wind loading.
  • High power rating.
  • Supplied with brackets for side mounting.
  • For detailed technical and mechanical information click the external document link on Sheet 2.

SBB Series - 8 bay shown

Technical features


Product LineAntenna TV
Product TypeBand IV/V (UHF) TV Slot Antennas

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range MHz470 - 700
Nominal Gain (Mid-band) dBdNote 4
VSWR< 1.15:1 (1.1 on channel)
Power Rating kW20kW, 40kW, 60kW, 65kW
Power Rating per Input kW20 (3-1/8 EIA )
40 (6-1/8 EIA )
60 (6-1/8 EIA )
65 (6-1/8 EIA )
Impedance (unbalanced) Ω50

Mechanical Specifications

Input Connector3-1/8" EIA and 6-1/8" EIA
Radome Diameter mm (in)381 (15)
Mounting (Standard) mm (in)Side, brackets supplied
Effective Area CommentNote 1
Design Wind Speed km/h (mph)180 (50)
Wind Load CommentNote 2, Note 3
Pressurization Operational kPa (psi)10-25 (1.4-3.6)
Pressurization Test kPa (psi)100 (15)


Material - RadomeUV Resistant Fibre Glass
ColourWhite, other on request

External Document Links


From External Document attachment
Note 1: CaAc is calculated using Ca=0.6 from ANSI/TIA-222-G, Table 2.8 based on supercritical flow. Contact a qualified structural consultant to confirm this applies to your installation.
Note 2: Calculated wind load is based on Australian Standard AS1170.2:2011
Antenna mounting pole and interface steelwork to tower is not included in calculations.
Note 3: Moment of arm from mounting pole to centre of antenna = 0.65m (2.1ft).
Note 4: Gain at 585 MHz (sum of HRP and VRP directivities).