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Semidelta Antenna SD Series 2-14MHz

Rev : 01 | Rev date : 05 Jan 2022

An economical, broadband, omni-directional traveling wave antenna, the Model SD214 is designed for coverage over short to medium distances and exhibits essentially an omni-directional high angle radiation pattern. Two versions are available, one rated at 100W average, the other, 250W average.


  • The SD214 is simple to install and erection can be carried out by unskilled personnel within 30 minutes.
  • A halyard is incorporated for ease of erection and enables the antenna to be deployed from a wide range of support structures.
  • A simple metal stake or pipe is required to secure the lower end of the antenna and attach the supplied input balun.
  • Where soil conditions are poor, antenna performance below approximately 3MHz can be affected. This problem can be overcome by using an optional low-frequency kit.



Technical features

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range MHz2-14
Elevation Radiation PatternRefer plots
Azimuth Radiation PatternOmnidirectional
VSWR2.5:1 max, 2.0:1 typical
Maximum Power Rating kW0.1 average, 0.4 PEP
0.25 average, 1.0 PEP
Input ConnectorN-type socket
Impedance (unbalanced), ohmsΩ50

Mechanical Specifications

Mast Height m (ft)Mast 1: 2 (6.56)
Mast 2: 20 (65.62) nominal. See Note 1
Antenna Ground Dimensionm (ft)20 (62.62)


Material - RadiatorsMarine grade stainless steel


Shipping informationPacked weight, kg (lb)Packed size, cm (in)
SD2147 (15.4)88 x 34 x 10 (34.6" x 13.4" x 3.9")

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1. Antenna is designed to operate with a range of mast heights, with 20m being the optimum height. For shorter mast heights, Increase antenna ground dimension accordingly