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Tandem Delta Antenna TDG Series 3 - 30 MHz

Rev : 01 | Rev date : 23 Jun 2021

A high angle radiating antenna designed for ionospheric propagation over short to medium distances. Specifically designed for ground to air systems utilising high performance and reliability.


  • The Tandem Delta is a derivation of the RFS series of delta antennas.
  • Unlike the standard delta or other travelling wave antennas, where radiation results from a wave travelling upward to a resistive termination at the apex, the Tandem Delta does not incorporate a terminating resistor. All input power is therefore radiated and, in consequence, these new antennas have a higher gain than the standard delta. Furthermore, removal of the terminating resistor means that higher power ratings are more readily achieved.
  • Because of its high radiation angle characteristics, the Tandem delta antenna is less prone to long-distance interference and local electrical noise. It is strongly recommended for high-grade communication networks.
  • Tandem Delta antennas operate completely independently of ground conditions. Their polarisation is elliptical.
  • RFS masts, and stub masts for this antenna, are available as options.

Technical features

Electrical Specifications

Gain dBirefer to graph
Azimuth Radiation PatternOmnidirectional (refer to plots)
VSWR2.5:1 max
Maximum Power Rating kW20 average, 80 PEP
Input ConnectorN-type (1kW)7/8" EIA (10kW)1-5/8" EIA (20kW)Open wire balanced line (20kW)
Impedance Ω50 unbalanced with balun600 balanced

Mechanical Specifications

Wind Survival Rating (no ice) km/h (mph)180 (112)
Wind Load Commentto AS1170:2.2011


Material - GuysGalvanised steel and heavy duty fail-safe insulators
Material - MastHot dipped galvanised steel


Shipping informationPacked weight [kg]Packed volume [m3]

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