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TrunkLine Antenna, Ultra High Performance, Dual Polarized, 15 ft

RFS Microwave Antennas are designed for microwave systems in all common frequency ranges from 4 GHz to 15 GHz. Different options of survival windspeeds are available. This allows the use of antennas in areas where extreme wind conditions are normal. The antennas utilise a conventional feed system and are available in three performance classes offering complete flexibility when designing a network. Ultra High Performance antennas are the optimum choice for systems where a high level of pattern performance is required because of high local radio congestion. These antennas are required for use in networks where there is a very high interference potential. Antennas are available in 6 ft (1.8m) to 15 ft (4.6m) diameters. The Ultra High Performance antennas are available in dual polarised (UDA) as well as in single polarised versions (UA). All antennas include a flexible radome to minimise its impact on the antenna?s electrical characteristics.


  • Field-proven reliability and long life
  • Support for winds up to 200 km/h (125 mph) with high-wind versions that support winds up to 252 km/h (155 mph) and an optional sway bar for added assurance in case mistakes are made during installation
  • A single-piece configuration and compact packaging to reduce transportation costs
  • Frequencies ranging from 4 GHz to 15 GHz with support for two wideband frequency ranges (5.725-6.875 and 7.125-8.5 GHz) to reduce antenna requirements and simplify logistics


Technical features

General Specifications

Product TypePoint to point antennas
PerformanceUltra High
Antenna InputCPR112G
Antenna colorWhite RAL 9010
Swaybar4: (3.0 m x Ø60 mm)

Electrical Specifications

Frequency GHz7.125 - 8.5
3dB beamwidthdegrees0.6
Low Band GaindBi47.7
Mid Band Gain dBi48.1
High Band Gain dBi48.4
F/B Ratio dB76
XPD dB30
IPI dB35
Max VSWR / R LVSWR / dB1.1 (26.4)
Regulatory ComplianceETSI EN 302217 Range 1, class 3

Mechanical Specifications

Diameter ft (m)15 (4.6)
Elevation Adjustment degrees± 5
Azimuth Adjustment degrees± 5
Polarization Adjustment degrees± 5
Mounting Pipe Diameter minimum mm (in)219 (8.6)
Mounting Pipe Diameter maximum mm (in)219 (8.6)
Approximate Weight kg (lb)750 (1650)
Survival Windspeedkm/h (mph)200 (125)
Operational Windspeedkm/h (mph)190 (118)


Radome MaterialPVC coated fabric

Further Accessories

optional Swaybar0: (not applicable)
Further AccessoriesSMA-SKO-UNIVERSAL-L : Universal sway bar fixation kit


Dimension_Amm (in)4757 (188)
Dimension_Bmm (in)2360 (93.3)
Dimension_Cmm (in)855 (33.8)
Dim_D-219mm(8.5_in)Pipemm (in)294 (11.6)
Dimension_Emm (in)455 (17.9)
Dimension_Fmm (in)1690 (66.8)


Fs Side force max. @ survival wind speed N (lb)21000 (4704)
Fa Axial force max. @ survival wind speed N (lb)42430 (9504)
M Torque maximum @ survival wind speed Nm (ft lb)Nm (lb ft)32750 (24500)