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Maintain Peak Performance on Microwave Links

Choose microwave antenna solutions that excel in all areas of design, performance and reliability. RFS is the only vendor that guarantees its microwave antennas will deliver sustained, world-class performance for any application, for decades in the field, even in challenging conditions. And we’ve been first to market with innovative new ways to increase throughput while minimizing tower loads and leasing costs.


Superior performance that won’t fade


Take 5G backhaul long-haul with one microwave antenna

By Benoit Bled, RFS Director of Product Line Management, Microwave Antenna Solutions

E-Band Microwave Antennas

Achieve high-capacity, low latency backhauling in urban areas

RFS E-Band antenna enable high-capacity applications on short distances. They are ideal for small cell, front haul and traditional short distance backhaul applications in urban environments. The antennas small form factor and compact mounting system simplify installation time and effort.

e-Band Datasheet

6 GHz and 11 GHz Dual-Band, Dual-Polarized Microwave Antennas

Get ready to take 5G microwave backhauling beyond urban environments

Our latest microwave antennas are the industry’s first to support the commonly used 6 GHz and 11 GHz bands in a single reflector. These dual-band, dual-polarized microwave antennas double or quadruple link capacity compared to single-band microwave antennas. They deliver ETSI Class 3 ultra-high performance and are ideal for new installations and as replacements for single-band antennas globally.

Dual Band White Paper Dual Band Information


Transform communications in tunnels

Rely on the global leader in communications solutions for tunnels and the industry’s most advanced portfolio of 5G-ready radiating cables. We’ve been designing and delivering innovative wireless solutions for high-profile and challenging tunnels for more than four decades. And our RADIAFLEX® cables are one of the key reasons wireless providers around the world rely on us to resolve their toughest in-tunnel challenges.


Step into the future of in-tunnel communications


Deliver the best-possible 5G performance in tunnels

By Rick Wei, Marketing Technical Sales Director, APAC


Optimize 5G performance in tunnels

Choose radiating cables that ensure consistently high system performance along the entire cable length at 3.5 GHz — the most commonly used frequency band for 5G applications globally. RADIAFLEX® Vario radiating cables feature a specialized slot pattern that minimizes the losses that occur as radiating cable length increases. You can maintain 5G throughput levels over longer cable lengths with fewer amplifiers for higher system performance at lower total cost of ownership.

Vario Cable Leaflet


Keep people connected and safe in buildings

Upgrade to 5G-ready wireless in-building solutions that reliably deliver all public safety and commercial communications at the highest speeds. RFS has broken through technology boundaries in every area to deliver wireless in-building communications solutions that go above and beyond other vendors’ solutions. Our scalable and highly fire-resistant solutions optimize use of spectrum and support all wireless applications — today and tomorrow.


What it takes to keep people connected and safe in buildings


Bringing wireless networks closer to people

By Andrew Paulley, Managing Director, RFS United Kingdom

The ultimate fire-resistant communications cables

Bringing high-quality, uninterrupted communications to challenging indoor environments

RFS passive distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions incorporate world-first inventions and innovations to keep people connected at all times, whether they’re deep underground, at ground level or many stories above ground. Our indoor communications cables have achieved the world’s highest ratings for fire resistance and low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH). Meet DragonSkin – the first and only in building coaxial cable to receive UL 2196 with no metal conduit, extensive wrapping or fire-resistant enclosure.

DragonSkinCable.com CPR Leaflet

A complete end-to-end Passive DAS portfolio

Future-proof deployments and safeguard investments with RFS’ ultra-wideband 5G-ready

Every component in our end-to-end passive DAS solutions is designed with the future in mind to support 5G wireless services globally and protect your investments. Our cables are unmatched, and all RFS non-cable components are proven to maintain overall system performance and key performance characteristics such as passive intermodulation (PIM) performance. And, we just added a complete range of passive components (splitters, tappers, loads, blocks) that support all wireless in-building applications up to 6 GHz.

DAS Selection Guide


Cut site complexity with no compromises

Resolve your toughest infrastructure challenges at macro sites with ingenious RF solutions that let you deliver more, with less equipment, at lower costs. We simplify macro site evolution from the ground up. Innovative cable solutions make installations faster, easier, more cost-effective. Groundbreaking modular antenna designs bring you new technologies with minimal site impact. And you never have to compromise on performance.


Simplify Macro Site Evolution


Discover the ideal booted jumpers for any application

By Carla Taborda, Head of Market Technical Solutions LATAM


Add 5G to towers without adding costs

By Rani Makke, Director of Product Line Management for Base Station Antenna

TDD and Hybrid TDD/FDD Antennas

Cut Site Complexity with No Compromises

With RFS TDD and hybrid TDD/FDD base station antennas, you can easily and efficiently add a TDD layer to your network to support critical network technologies, such as 5G and TDD LTE, with minimal impact at sites. These antennas are ideal for introducing 5G or LTE for fixed wireless access or for applications that require beamforming. They can also be used for Infrastructure-sharing between TDD and FDD services and in space-constrained TDD deployments. Our innovations in antenna design and our commitment to reliable, long-term antenna performance help our customers maximize return on investment and lower total cost of ownership.

TDD/FDD Antennas Leaflet

Power and fiber solutions

Accelerate any technology rollout with RFS HYBRIFLEX cables

More than a decade after we invented the world’s first hybrid cabling solution for RRHs, HYBRIFLEX is helping operators around the world efficiently evolve to 5G and the next generations of wireless technologies. These extensively field-proven solutions reduce installation time, complexity and cost. They feature best-in-class bending radius, strong core retention force and proven corrosion resistance. RFS is the only vendor with the expertise, experience and agility needed to design custom hybrid cable solutions you can rely on and deliver those solutions in an economical way.

HYBRIFLEX Ordering Guide

RF Jumper Cables

Don’t Compromise: Get the Ultimate in RF Jumpers

RFS offers a completes portfolio of jumper cables that meet any requirements. CELLFLEX Factory-Fit Jumpers are ideal for indoor environments and other locations where jumper connectors do not require weatherproofing. SecureFit Booted Jumpers are ideal for outdoor environments and other locations where jumper connectors need to be protected from the elements. As networks evolve to 5G and beyond, transmission speed, quality and efficiency will be essential to differentiate. Don’t compromise your end-to-end transmissions with inferior jumper cables. Rely on RFS.

Jumper Selection Guide

Compact Antennas Family

Add 5G without adding costs

Upgrade to a single, compact antenna that consumes less space, postpones costly tower reinforcements and supports all services from 2G to 5G. Our newest modular antenna platform is super-slim, and features a aerodynamic & aesthetic radome design that reduces windloading by up to 25%. Support 3GPP frequency bands from 600 MHz to 5 GHz. Combine FDD and TDD technologies as needed. Make up to 20 RF connections. The choice is yours.

Compact Antennas Leaflet


The Evolving Urban Landscape

As the race to 5G intensifies, mobile operators need innovative ways to bring networks closer to customers. But, with 5G radio signals for small cell sites operating at a higher millimeter wave frequency than 4G, they are more easily blocked in a crowded city landscape. The result? Network densification will require more sites and more infrastructure than ever before. Add to this headache, the challenge of managing this expansion without significantly increasing the visible footprint, and low visual impact and concealment become a priority. This needs a total-solution-provider that knows RF and has seen and delivered for every wireless generation.


Get ready for the next wave of innovations

Small-Size Base Station Antennas

Increase capacity and coverage in dense urban environments

With it widely cited that 80% of mobile data usage originates indoors, small cell networks are ideal to increase capacity and bridge the gap between macro sites and any building or venue where distributed antenna system (DAS) networks are used to support high volumes of network traffic. RFS’ lightweight and versatile small cell base station antennas can be used in neutral-host networks and shared infrastructure deployments to keep costs down and address property owners’ concerns about the aesthetics of large numbers of antennas. We offer antennas ranging in size from 27 cm to 70 cm (1 ft to 3 ft) to support the most space-constrained deployments. And, we have antennas that support all sub-6 GHz frequency bands, including C band, CBRS and LAA spectrum.

Small Cell BSA Leaflet