December 22, 2021

Santa’s workshop wireless needs

At the most festive time of the year the RFS communications team has taken the opportunity to have a little bit of fun. Offices in many parts of the world may be winding down, but there is one notable exception. For Santa and his elves, it is by far the busiest time of the year with millions of toys to make and deliver ahead of the 25th December deadline, but can wireless technology make the mammoth task a little easier?

Paula Mennone, Global Product MarCom Manager

Maintaining secrecy with in-tunnel solutions

To ensure the secret location of north pole operations remains a secret, the workshop is, of course, built in a series of underground tunnels. Although this is key from a concealment perspective, it does make connectivity less straightforward with underground tunnels being one of the most challenging environments for delivering mobile coverage. Thankfully RFS has been able to help with RADIAFLEX® cable to deliver wireless connectivity throughout the network of tunnels with no compromise on coverage.  

Just in case…

The need for continuous coverage across the north pole site is vital. Although there are strict elf and safety procedures in place, there is a responsibility to ensure that should the worst happen, for example a fire, it is vital that communication equipment continues to function. This is where DragonSkinTM cable comes into play. Able to survive in temperatures of up to 100ºC for 2 hours means critical communication systems don’t fail when they are needed most.  

Keeping the team connected

The North Pole is one of the most hostile environments on earth so to deliver the connectivity demanded to keep the workshop running smoothly, robust equipment is needed. RFS has been able to offer high wind, high ice antennas capable of withstanding up to 2 inches of ice and wind speeds of up to 155mph without impacting performance, keeping Santa and his team connected. 

Coverage all over the world 

As Christmas Eve approaches the focus shifts to the delivery team. As much as the annual round the world trip is familiar territory for Santa, keeping connected to the head office is useful should any challenges arise on route. Although the Googles and Amazons of the world have made a play to provide this connectivity, only telcos are able to deliver the ubiquity Santa needs to keep continuously connected. 

Relaxing with broadcast 

26th December and the team at HQ are ready for well-deserved relaxation and what better way to recoup than to watch some of the best loved festive films. Making sure there is broadcast equipment capable of serving even remote areas is vital. The broadcast team at RFS is highly experienced at working with broadcasters to ensure they have the infrastructure in place to ensure all consumers in their coverage area can enjoy Christmas programming. 

Wishing you a very happy holiday from the entire team at RFS.