Product Releases

Jun 2022

CELLFLEX® SecureFit Booted Jumper Portfolio Expansion

The ultimate in field-proven jumper performance and weatherproof durability

Jan 2022

CELLFLEX® 5G Cluster Jumpers

Space-efficient MQ4 and MQ5 cluster connectors make it fast and easy to deploy highly integrated antennas

Oct 2021

CELLFLEX® MultiFlex Pre-Assembled Jumper and Feeder Cable Solutions

Accelerate network installations indoors or out, anywhere in the world

Sep 2021

OMNI FIT™ Premium Connectors for RF Cables and Jumpers

Bringing outstanding electrical performance and watertight durability to any installation up to 6 GHz

Sep 2021

HYBRIFLEX® Jumper Cables for 5G Radio Deployments

Hybrid and fiber-only jumpers simplify installations in any location, using any power source

Nov 2020

Smart Fixing Solution (SFS) Clamp Series

Ensures a safe and reliable RADIAFLEX cable installation in harsh environmental tunnel conditions

Apr 2020

High-Performance Rapid-Fit HELIFLEX® Connectors with O-Ring Sealing

Connectors feature excellent gas tightness, ensure extremely low losses and are very easy to install

Apr 2020

DragonSkin UL 2196 Certified Coaxial Cable

Fire-resistant, half-inch coaxial cable is key to maintaining in-building communications during fires

Feb 2020

Hybrid and Fiber-Only Jumpers for Small Cell 5G mmWave Radio Deployments

Delivering the solutions mobile operators need for a smooth evolution to 5G

Feb 2020

Future-Ready RADIAFLEX® Radiating Cables

RFS delivers the only ultra-broadband 5G ready cable to deliver in-tunnel MIMO

Jul 2019

HYBRIFLEX 12x24 Riser Cables

Accelerates network evolution to 5G

May 2019

NEX10 Jumpers

Premium Jumpers Support 5G and Small Cell Network Densification

Oct 2017

C03 Series of OMNI FIT™ Connectors

New High-Performance Standard Connectors From RFS Deliver an Ideal Combination of Features and Pricing

Sep 2017

CELLFLEX® SecureFit Jumpers With New Weatherproofing Boot

Easy-to-Install, Competitively Priced Boot Ensures Watertight Sealing Ideal for Extreme Environmental Conditions

Aug 2017

Complete CPR Cable Product Portfolio – Safety Is Key

RFS Launches New CPR-Compliant Series of Cables for Indoor Applications

Aug 2017

Red Plenum Coaxial Cables Ideal for Public Safety Applications

Best-In-Class Cables Support iDAS and oDAS for Emergency Communications

Jun 2017

P02 Series of Radiating Cable Connectors

RFS Connectors Specifically Designed to Meet Operators’ Needs for Lower Passive Intermodulation (PIM)

Jun 2017

RADIAFLEX® RAYA Radiating Cables

World’s First Ultra RF-broadband, Vertically Polarized Radiating Cable for MIMO Applications Enables Highest Data Rates

Nov 2016

RFS Passive DAS Antennas

Four New Broadband Indoor Antennas feature PIM-Optimized Compact, Lightweight Design

Aug 2016

RFS Factory-Fit Jumpers: Trust the Leader in Wireless Infrastructure

At RFS we understand that the performance comes down to the individual elements. That’s why we invented seam-welded, corrugated coaxial cables - and continue to innovate with our exceptional line of factory-fit jumper cables.

Jul 2016

RFS Smart Pole - Modular Urban Telecom Infrastructure

RFS introduces a new range of modular urban telecom infrastructure, including its Smart Pole solution, a highly modular platform enabling small cell deployment that combines wireless coverage, intelligent lighting, green power and smart sensors.

Jul 2016

Smart city powered by RFS - Urban solutions for smart partners

RFS introduces a new range of modular urban telecom infrastructure, including our smart pole, a green power, ibeacon system, transparent antennas, InvisiLine™ Small-Form Antennas (SFAs), auto-alignment antennas (AALs), and a variety of products and solutions to meet the needs of 4G and future 5G networks.

Apr 2016

4.3-10 Field-Installable Connectors

Ultra-Stable, Low PIM Connectors Ideal Match for Coaxial Cables

Jan 2016

Passive System Components for DAS

RFS Unveils 90 New High-Performance Passive DAS Components

Nov 2015

HCS Hybrid Connector

RFS Expands FTTA Portfolio with New HCS Hybrid Connector

Sep 2015

HYBRIFLEX™ – Connecting People Worldwide via High-Performance Wireless Infrastructure

For more than 100 years, RFS has been developing high-performance solutions for the telecommunications industry, offering unique, cost-effective solutions and future proof products, and helping people and organizations worldwide to communicate wherever they are.

Apr 2015

Low-Inductance HYBRIFLEX™ Cabling Solutions

Reduced DC Cable Inductance Solves Power-Cycling Problem During Peak Traffic

Feb 2015

PIM-Optimized, Plenum-Rated ¼” Factory-Fit Jumpers

RFS enhances in-building portfolio with low loss, flexible jumpers ideal for tight indoor installations

Nov 2014

Digital Dehydrator

RFS's new Dehydrator simplifies configuration, enables flexibility in the field

Jul 2014

Premium Performance Radiating Cable Connectors Support Quick, Easy and Reliable Installation

RFS announces PIM-Rated Radiating Cable Connectors for highest quality connector-cable interface

May 2014

DAS Portfolio enhanced with Low PIM Directional Couplers & Power Dividers

RFS Introduces More Cost-Effective Products to Support In-Building Wireless Applications

May 2014

Bend-Insensitive Fiber Jumpers for Last Mile Fiber Connections

RFS introduces 100% Pre-Tested Assemblies to complement RFS’ HYBRIFLEX Portfolio

Apr 2014

HYBRIFLEX™ Installation Tools

Simplify Installation of HYBRIFLEX™ Hybrid Feeder Cabling Solution! Save time and money with RFS’ HYBRIFLEX Installation Tools.

Feb 2014


HYBRIFLEX™ STANDARD and STANDARD-LTE, used with RRUs requiring 1 or 2 pairs of fiber per head, cuts installation time in half

Feb 2014


DC-FIT™ converter is designed to connect a DC cable with an existing coaxial cable run. It features innovative technology that turns an existing coaxial foam dielectric feeder into a RRU power supply.

Jan 2014

Plenum-rated, LTE-ready antennas for In-building applications feature premium PIM-rating

New plenum-rated Omni-directional antennas can be concealed for improved aesthetics while meeting stringent building codes

Dec 2013


HYBRIFLEX™ DIRECT-LTE, used with LTE RRHs requiring 2 pairs of fiber per head, cuts installation time in half

Dec 2013

Aluminum 1/2” Plenum-rated Wideband Cable

RFS introduces ICA Lite, aluminum plenum-rated wideband coaxial cable providing a cost-effective, lighter weight alternative to copper cabling

Apr 2013

PIM-Rated, LTE-Ready Indoor Antenna

The addition of this new PIM-certified Omni antenna, I-ATO2-698/2700JPL, for 698-2700 MHz rounds out RFS’ portfolio of products for indoor applications - which also includes plenum-rated cables, connectors, tools and jumpers – enabling RFS to provide all components required to support indoor passive DAS installations.

Feb 2013

White Jacketed ½” Plenum-Rated Wideband Cable

RFS expands Passive DAS Cabling Offerings with New White Jacketed Coaxial Plenum-Rated Cable

Feb 2013

Plenum-Rated Factory-Fit Jumpers

Plenum-rated factory-fit jumpers provide a time-saving, cost effective, and high-performance solution and address the need for short runs of coaxial cable

May 2012

RFS Plenum-Rated Cable

The Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) plenum-rated wideband cables, tested up to 6 GHz, deliver outstanding electrical performance and support all wireless in-building applications

Dec 2009

OMNI FIT Premium Connectors

RFS’ new line of RF-connectors features design breakthroughs for best-in-class performance and value. OMNI FIT Premium guarantees hassle-free installation, safe sealing, plus the lowest PIM levels in the industry.

Feb 2009


CELLFLEX®Lite is the industry’s ultimate, evolutionary, corrugated aluminium transmission line, and the lightest RF transmission cable on the market today. The light-weight design coupled with its single and multiple bending-radius capabilities, allow fast installation and make it ideal for congested tower-top applications.