November 13, 2014

Digital Dehydrator

RFS's new Dehydrator simplifies configuration, enables flexibility in the field


RFS has introduced its APD-D Series Automatic Pressurization Dehydrator available in multiple standard system capacity and large system capacity models. The APD-D Series will provide reliable pressurization of elliptical waveguide, coaxial cable and rigid transmission line systems -- and the new digital design will now enable easy on-site configuration of options such as humidity, high pressure, run time and system purge.  

The APD-D dehydrator includes a self-contained, completely automated air drying system that utilizes a pressure swing adsorption cycle to provide pressurized dry air while continuously purging the collected moisture to the atmosphere. It can be retrofitted into any existing RFS dehydrator installation, easily integrating with existing microwave antenna system equipment. It also supports easy option upgrades with no system downtime required by enabling options to be added to the base model or reset based on customer specifications in the factory or in the field by working with RFS.


Digital Design;  Microprocessor Controlled

Key operating data can be downloaded in the field on a USB stick for easier maintenance

Significant enhancement in reliability

Several Configurations of New Options

Simplifies ordering of factory configured options –  Humidity, Timer, Run Time Alarms, System Purge, Operating Pressure, Low Pressure

CE RatedImproves electrical safety in the field
Reduced Size & Weight

Eases product handling

Less installation space is required

Significant Price Reduction on Options
Reduces costs