RADIAFLEX Radiating Waveguide

This RADIAFLEX® radiating waveguide is constructed using a highly conductive copper tube with a continuous longitudinal seam weld. This is corrugated and precision formed into an elliptical cross-section. It is manufactured in continuous lengths using a special seam welding process developed by RFS. This gives the product superior electrical performance together with good bending properties. This type of radiating cable is suitable for applications requiring higher frequency ranges up to 6 GHz.

RADIAFLEX® series functions as a distributed antenna to provide communications in tunnels, mines, and large building complexes and is the solution for any application in confined areas.
Slots in the copper outer conductor allow a controlled portion of the internal RF energy to be radiated into the surrounding environment. Conversely, a signal transmitted near the cable will couple into the slots and be carried along the cable length. RADIAFLEX® is used for both one-way and two-way communication systems, and because of its broadband capability, a single radiating waveguide can handle multiple communication systems simultaneously.


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