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Radio Frequency Systems, January 14, 2021

RFS regional predictions 2021

Last week you heard from our business unit executives on what they think will be the biggest trends for 2021. This week, despite continuing restrictions on travel, we head around the globe to catch up with RFS’s regional VPs and get their views on what 2021 has in store.

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Radio Frequency Systems, January 8, 2021

RFS 2021 predictions

As 2021 starts, we speak to the team at RFS to get their take on what the biggest trends will be for the wireless industry in for 2021.

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Nick Wymant, Global Product Manager Broadcast December 18, 2020

Creating a future proof path for US broadcasters

As the year draws to a close, Nick Wymant looks at how ATSC3.0 will change how over-the-air TV works at a fundamental level and the opportunities this presents for US broadcasters.

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Laurent Cruchant, VP BU Base Station Antenna December 17, 2020

What can LEGO teach us about building a 5G network

For 62 years we have seen those distinctive bricks on Christmas morning and been amazed at the complicated structures that can be built with such simple building blocks. It’s is an interesting concept and especially interesting for the team at RFS when we apply it to 5G networks.

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Wilson Conti, VP Sales LATAM December 2, 2020

Spotlight on LATAM

As the year draws to a close, we catch up with Wilson Conti, General Manager and Sales VP LATAM to reflect on the past year and get his take on the latest industry trends in the region.

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Andreas Bergmeister, Global Product Manager Transmission Lines November 24, 2020

Spotlight on Germany

As RFS celebrates its 120th birthday, we look at Germany which has been a key region for us since RFS’s founder Louis Hackethal developed the company’s first invention of insulated wire in 1900. Let’s takes a look at how, over a century later, RFS is still meeting the needs of its German customers.

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Benoit Bled, Product Line Manager Microwave Antennas Solutions November 20, 2020

The Real Cost of Low Cost

In our first blog on the impact of poor Side Lobes, we looked at how detrimental poor radiation pattern planning can be when it comes to performance. Now we take a closer look at the factors that can cause poor Side Lobes and the impact they have for customers.

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Benoit Bled, Product Line Manager Microwave Antennas Solutions November 13, 2020

The Truth about Side Lobes

Sidelobes are a naturally occurring part of antenna design, but a poor Side Lobe is one that is either outside of specification or drifts out of specification with time. As connectivity demands increase, maximum performance is absolutely critical and ultimately that starts with antenna design.

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Christian Barb, VP Sales NA November 4, 2020

CBRS: The New Wild West of Wireless?

One of the biggest disruptions in the telecoms space this year is undoubtedly the CBRS auction in the US. It has caused a ripple of excitement across the industry, and understandably so, as it has the potential to be a real game changer.

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Emmanuel Saint Dizier, VP BU Microwave Antenna Solutions October 22, 2020

Backhaul to the future: Why microwave is the answer

When operators think about options for 5G backhaul, they may instinctively look to fiber solutions. However, in doing so they risk missing the opportunity of not only a more practical and cost-effective solution but one that can outstrip fiber when it comes to performance.

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Laurent Cruchant, VP BU Base Station Antenna October 14, 2020

“Simplifying complexification” – with no compromises

When it comes to telecoms capacity it seems the phrase that springs to mind is ‘more is more’. The ‘more is more’ approach is not simply not feasible.

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Alec Wang, VP Cables September 30, 2020

Taking a different look at in-building communications

Recently, there have been two such sayings that struck a chord with us and made us look again, with a slightly more questioning eye...

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Ken Lim, VP Sales APAC September 23, 2020

Spotlight on APAC: Q and A with Ken Lim, VP Sales APAC

Over summer, Ken Lim joined RFS as the new VP Sales for APAC. We sat down with him to find out more about the biggest trends in the region and his vision for RFS over the next 12 months

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Christian Barb, VP Sales NA July 28, 2020

Spotlight on North America

Christian Barb joined the RFS team in March earlier this year. He takes us through his first 100 days with the company, and what the next 100 hold, especially for the North America Market.

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Axel Schroeder, Product Line Manager, In-Tunnel Solutions July 16, 2020

An eye on the future of in-tunnel connectivity

How do operating metro services meet the consumer need for high and reliable connectivity?

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