July 7, 2022

RFS summer digest: Best of Microwave

Microwave solutions are a real strength of the RFS team. We’re fortunate to have some of the industry’s best and brightest working on solutions to address the key challenges that our customers face when it comes to delivering comprehensive, quality coverage in a range of environments. In the first of our summer digest blogs, we take a deep dive into the topic of microwave, picking out some of our most interesting articles on the subject.

Radio Frequency Systems,

Overcoming Wi-Fi 6e interference issues

One of the first blogs of 2022 and a very interesting perspective from Asad Zoberi, Director of Sales at RFS. With any technology, there are pros and cons; the key to ensuring a technology thrives is finding a way to work around the disadvantages and push the advantages to their full potential. This article takes us through the potential issue of Wi-Fi 6e interference for microwave backhaul and how to address it.

Take 5G backhaul long-haul with one microwave antenna

Next up is one of our MWC MasterTalks. In this video blog Benoit Bled, Director of Product Line Management, Microwave Antenna Solutions tackles the topic of backhaul. With 5G rollouts building momentum, operators must find a way to backhaul the volume of data needed for 5G in rural areas, overcoming the physical challenges without incurring spiralling costs. Benoit explores the issue and how RFS’s TowerBooster solution could hold the answer.

Why high wind load is key for the future of urban backhaul

Climate change is having a profound impact on virtually every aspect of life. It is driving individuals and businesses alike to rethink the effect they are having on the planet and look to live and work in greener and more sustainable ways. This is fantastic and something that we at RFS have as a key focus, but what about in the meantime? Guillaume Prot, Product Line Manager, Microwave explains why ultimately, we need to deal with the immediate consequences of global warming as well as looking at altering the trajectory of climate change.

Improving 5G urban backhauling with new generation of extremely robust, super-high-capacity E-band microwave antennas

As mobile operators look to backhaul massive volumes of data through increasingly congested urban networks, the ability to use strategic, ultra-high-capacity E-band frequencies with no worries about interference is extremely important. RFS’ new 1-ft and 2-ft E-band microwave antennas provide the rugged reliability and superior electrical performance needed to maximize E-band radio performance and deliver on these needs. 

A Dual-Band Answer to the Challenges of 5G Backhaul

Last but not least, if you missed our whitepaper looking in detail at the topic of dual band antennas and how they can be used to address backhaul challenges in a variety of environments our Microwave team takes a deep dive into the topic.