RFS Global Quality and Environmental Policy

At RFS, we put the customer at the heart of every process within our operations. We provide high quality, reliable and environmentally friendly products; we constantly strive for excellence in meeting our commitments and customers’ expectations.


RFS Health & Safety Policy

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) provides innovative wireless and broadcast infrastructure products and solutions worldwide, whilst at the same time we are recognizing our health and safety responsibilities.The protection and improvement of the health and safety of everyone who works for or with Radio Frequency Systems, is a guiding principle in all our operations worldwide.


RFS Conflict Minerals Policy

RFS Conflict Minerals Policy describes our commitment and our requirements towards socially and environmentally responsible sourcing of Conflict Minerals for our products. The term “conflict minerals” refers to minerals mined and traded in conditions of human rights abuses, environmental degradation and that are directly or indirectly financing or benefitting armed groups.

Download the Policy      Download the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template

RFS Cyber Security Policy

At RFS, we have a robust security strategy in place that implements numerous measures at every level across the organization. We understand the importance of a security strategy that protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data both for us as a company and our customers.

Download the Cyber Security Policy