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Discover industry firsts that will stand the test of time

We’ve been delivering industry firsts that stand the test of time for more than 120 years. And we’re just getting started. Discover our latest industry firsts and innovations in our RFS online experience. 

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What are FLEXWELL elliptical waveguides?

In this week’s blog, we look at another of our most popular flagship products – the FLEXWELL elliptical waveguides. Since RFS pioneered the FLEXWELL solution in 1961, it has constantly evolved to meet the needs of our customers, and so we caught up with Gerd Bohnet, Product Manager Waveguides and Accessories at RFS to find out what makes this such a key solution for our customers.

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Hiding infrastructure: why stealth needs to be a key part of 5G strategies

As 5G becomes a reality, different priorities bubble to the surface. Yes, capacity and coverage are still critical, but they are accompanied by the need for concealment. This is somewhat new as a pressing concern when it comes to telecoms infrastructure. There has always been a ‘Not in my back yard’ attitude when it comes to telecoms equipment, but when we consider the scale of equipment needed to make comprehensive 5G coverage a reality, making sure it blends into the environment is now a key priority for operators.

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Get ready for the next wave of innovations from RFS

MWC21 may be over, but we’re just getting started! Over the decades, we’ve delivered hundreds of industry firsts and innovations the industry continues to rely on. Now, we’re taking our expertise to the streets. Watch for our next wave of innovations in late 2021.

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Discover industry firsts that will stand the test of time