May 15, 2024

RADIAFLEX Assists Phase 2 of the Chengdu Metro Line 17 Project

Radio Frequency Systems, a specialist in the design and manufacture of premium, future-ready cable solutions, today announced significant extensions to its work with Chengdu Metro, the fourth-longest metro in both China and the world.


RFS is a leader in global tunnel communication solutions, invented radiating cable obtaining patents in 1972. For over fifty years, the RADIAFLEX radiating cable solution has been providing high-quality, uninterrupted communication services in some of the world's most high-profile and challenging tunnel projects.

As of April 2024, Chengdu Metro had 13 operating lines, with a total operating mileage of nearly 560 kilometers across 335 stations. Since 2008, RFS's RADIAFLEX radiating cable solution has been deployed in the TETRA network and signal system of Chengdu Metro Line 1. From Chengdu Metro's first line, Chengdu Line 1, Chengdu Line 18 – Chengdu Metro's first high-speed subway line, RFS has provided nearly 930km of radiating cables for six lines of the Metro system. This highlights RFS as a significant supplier of cable connectivity for the LTE signal system, providing strong support for the rapid development of Chengdu Metro. 

Recently, RFS won the LTE signal system project for Chengdu Line 17 Phase 2. The radiating cable is being delivered and installed gradually with Chengdu Metro again trusting the excellent quality of RFS radiating cables. 

In the face of the continuous evolution of wireless standards, RFS is continuing to ensure that all technological innovations, including with the flagship RADIAFLEX solution, remain industry-leading, and deliver the infrastructure needed to support future construction and deployments for customers.