January 14, 2021

RFS regional predictions 2021

Last week you heard from our business unit executives on what they think will be the biggest trends for 2021. This week, despite continuing restrictions on travel, we head around the globe to catch up with RFS’s regional VPs and get their views on what 2021 has in store.

Radio Frequency Systems,

M&A to light a fire under 5G 

One of the big predictions for the European telecoms market is consolidation. Bloomberg Intelligence recently reported telecoms companies were top of the list for 2021 Mergers and Acquisitions and this will likely have a profound impact on the market. Consolidation will breathe renewed life into 5G efforts as bigger companies can take a more aggressive approach to infrastructure investment, allowing European MNOs to maintain a leading position on 5G technology and applications.

Enrico Leonardi VP EMEA Sales

Open RAN to change telecoms landscape for good 

Despite its challenges, 2020 was an exciting year for the US telecoms market, with CBRS/On Go, C-band spectrum auctions, a focus on Open RAN and real world 5G roll outs across all carriers. 2021 is set to build on those industry strides forward as the region fights for its position as a world leader in communication technology. Open RAN will be a real game changer as operators buy into this more open ecosystem that will accelerate technologies such as 5G, IoT and Industry 4.0 all while controlling their deployment and operational costs. The telecoms industry has been plagued for years by a reputation as slow moving and creaky. However, Open RAN, Private Networks, and continued 5G deployments are key to blowing off this label as it allows agile and innovative vendors to integrate their solutions much more easily, delivering benefits for the industry as a whole. 

Christian Barb, VP North America Sales

Industry 4.0 as the road to recovery 

Following 2020, the pandemic, and the strain it has placed on the global economy, one of the big focuses for the APAC region is Industry 4.0 to stimulate recovery and the telecoms industry is at the absolute heart of this. Countries across the region are looking at the infrastructure with many taking a Whole Government Approach (WGA) to speed the process and minimize duplication of work. This collaborative approach means operators, governments, and industry leaders are working together towards a common goal. At RFS we cover the entire end-to-end ecosystem and are perfectly placed to work with this wide variety of stakeholders to overcome the obstacles on the road to Industry 4.0 and this will be our main focus for 2021. 

Ken Lim, VP APAC Sales

Combining 4G and 5G strategy 

GSMA Intelligence forecast 5G connections across Latin America will reach 62 million by 2025. To achieve this, 2021 will see a huge increased focus on rolling out 5G equipment. However, despite this aim it is critical that operators balance the 5G ambition with the need for widespread and reliable 4G coverage for the 300 million in the region still waiting for mobile internet access. However, the two challenges facing operators can be tackled in tandem with 4G equipment that has built in 5G capabilities. By looking at multipurpose equipment, operators in LATAM can deliver the connectivity that is needed today, with infrastructure that is ready for the needs of the future. It not only simplifies their roadmap for the next 4 years, but brings efficiency benefits that benefit their bottom lines and consumers alike.

Wilson Conti, VP LATAM Sales