May 15, 2023

The best in flexible solutions

At RFS, our heritage in the communications industry gives unparalleled expertise and experience when it comes to designing, manufacturing, and deploying the premium, future-ready solutions we are known for across the globe. Cable has been at the heart of RFS since its inception and, alongside our indoor solutions portfolio, is central to our offering. Our R&D teams have continuously delivered true innovation in the cable space that has had a transformative effect on the industry.

Radio Frequency Systems,

Drilling down into vertical markets

The solutions RFS offers are hugely flexible in terms of the applications they support. We have worked for decades in the telecoms and broadcast sectors, using cable innovations to address specific issues they face. This includes allowing better coverage in challenging environments with our radiating RF cable. Streamlining the cable requirements on Macro sites with HYBRIFLEX® cable, which combines power and fiber. Using our HELIFLEX® solution to increase capabilities at broadcast transmission sites.

In the rail industry, our Metro tunnel solutions, which utilize RFS’s industry-leading RADIAFLEX® cables, are deployed in over half of metros worldwide. Mining, our mission-critical equipment, is used at sites across the globe to enhance safety. We have delivered network connectivity at offshore oil platforms, delivering the consistent coverage needed for ongoing operations. Our CELLFLEX® cable has been manufactured as part of emergency infrastructure following flooding in Germany. The education sector makes use of our indoor solutions to deliver cross-campus connectivity. This is a snapshot with just some examples of industries where we have long-standing customer relationships. 

However, as more industries seek to take advantage of the benefits of connected infrastructure, the range of sectors now benefiting from using RFS cable as the backbone of their networks is growing. From private networks in the automotive, manufacturing, and logistics industries, to utilities and healthcare, we are working to show how cable can be used innovatively to offer an elegant, long-lasting solution to the connectivity challenges they face as their industries evolve with new technologies.  

The full portfolio

RFS has a range of cable families that can be combined to address the specific requirements of our customers. Below is a high-level guide to the current trademarked cable and accessory ranges, with links to longer articles giving more information on the strengths of each solution, its applications, its premium performance under fire conditions, and how it is moving the needle for our customers. 


RADIAFLEX is the original and world’s leading radiating RF cable solution. It is designed to provide contoured RF indoor coverage in various environments, from in-building to in-tunnel. RADIAFLEX has many possible applications, particularly where awkward spaces make delivering connectivity a challenge. This makes it the sweetheart of metro connectivity, where it has repeatedly proved that it is the definitive solution for high-quality in-tunnel deployments. 


CELLFLEX is RFS’s range of low-loss and high-flexibility foam dielectric RF broadband cables. Developed in 1961, it has been part of the RFS portfolio for decades as both long-length and jumper cables and has stood the test of time for our customers. Its many use cases include as an essential part of MNO radio access networks, for mission-critical communications, and within DAS and DRS deployments. It is a flexible solution, both in form and application, delivering excellent performance in every scenario. 


HELIFLEX is RFS’s portfolio of corrugated coaxial air dielectric cables. The main application for HELIFLEX cables is in the broadcast sector, specifically in applications where there is a need to transport high-power signals from the transmitter to the antenna with the lowest possible attenuation and signal distortion. It has proved it is built to last with the 9” cable deployed at the Wertachtal transmitter site in Bavaria, Germany, to support broadcasting for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, still operating 50 years later without performance degradation. 


HYBRIFLEX is one of the newer solutions in the RFS portfolio and holds numerous possibilities due to its flexibility, as the name suggests. HYBRIFLEX is a cable that contains any combination of elements, for example, optical fiber and DC power, into a single solution. As a single, lightweight, crush-resistant, aluminum corrugated cable, it allows sites to be streamlined and extra resilience to be baked into deployments, a must for many of our customers. 


Alongside RF cable, RFS offers a full range of connectors to maintain the exceptional performance of our equipment. You can install top-class cable, but if the connectors have poor performance, it limits the potential. OMNI FIT is the brand name for our range of RF connectors designed for high performance and easy installation. They not only meet but exceed the industry standard for Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) and PIM performance. OMNI FIT is the brand name for the CELLFLEX connectors, but we offer the same quality solutions for all RFS cable families.


FLEXWELL waveguides are used to transmit RF energy and combine the advantages of different cable types, optimizing the electrical and mechanical performance at higher frequencies. It was designed by RFS as an improved alternative to rectangular and circular rigid waveguides and has adapted over time to reflect the needs of the changing wireless world. It has many use cases, for example, long-haul microwave links from 3.6 to 13 GHz. More recently, customers have explored using radiating elliptical waveguides to allow the use of mission-critical wireless services at 6 GHz in tunnels. This has not been previously possible due to high attenuation and opens the door to high-capacity real-time applications underground. 

GKSpeed and accessories 

GKSpeed is the name of some of the RFS grounding kits, which are vital accessories to ensure the best possible performance of our cables. The RFS accessory range, including boots, clamps, and hangers, has been thoughtfully designed to address various customer issues, from tough deployment scenarios to meeting fire safety requirements. The attention to detail in the design of these products sets them apart and demonstrates RFS’s commitment to end-to-end premium quality.