December 22, 2022

An RF Night before Christmas

For those who find that the holidays simply don't have enough wireless buzz, 'The RF Night Before Christmas' may be just what you are looking for.

Radio Frequency Systems,

On the night before Christmas, from suburbs to sea 
From mountains to metro, and all in between 
Solutions designed and deployed with great care
allowed RF signals to whizz through the air 

Across the whole landscape with nothing neglected 
Each use-case with solutions to keep it connected
We’ll start underground in deep metro tunnels
Their irregular shapes causing all kinds of trouble 

When making critical communications consistent 
We use RADIAFLEX cable   with fire resistance 
It gives reliable coverage across the whole site,
complete contoured coverage where space is quite tight.

Now let’s get off the train and go to the city 
and look at deployments where 5G is tricky
HYBRIFLEX cable combines RF and power
With uses both indoor and at cell site towers

For a campus challenge, we have DRS solutions. 
Plus, microwave backhaul and its constant evolution,
Uses a dual band approach to serve an area much larger 
and is one way we make mobile sites work much harder 

At base stations we tackle site footprint issues
As compact antennas combine the frequencies you choose  
And when it comes to the planet, we show our commitment 
designing passive, low-power wireless equipment 

We’ve covered most of the ground so will wrap it up here
And look forward to a busy and exciting new year
with big plans, and projects ready to install 
We wish a good night and happy holidays to all