August 17, 2022

Summer Digest: Tackling Tower Loading

In our final summer digest blog, we look at the topic of tower loading. Maximizing the efficiency and capacity of cell sites is understandably very high up on the priority list of operators. They need to increase the capabilities of sites without spiraling CAPEX and OPEX costs and a key element is to improve tower loading. We’ve rounded up articles that focus on tackling this problem concentrating on wind loading and condensing equipment.

Radio Frequency Systems,

US operator taps RFS to help double capacity at selected cell sites with dual band antennas

This project saw a tier one US operator significantly reduce their network expansion costs using the TowerBooster Dual Band antenna at cell sites unable to expand their site footprint. The operator took advantage of the way the Dual Band antenna allows equipment to be condensed, increasing capacity, without the need to rebuild the tower to house more equipment. The result was a project that delivered the necessary uplift in capacity at a cost of less than 10% of the rebuild estimate.

Taking a load off: keeping pace with wind load challenges

Wind loading and innovation surrounding this is a big priority for our R&D teams. In this article the BSA team talks through how we tackle this from an equipment design, and also test and measurement perspective. You can read about the topic in more detail in our most recent whitepaper.

The truth about Tower Loading 

Asad Zoberi, Director of Sales at RFS talks through the problem of tower loading for operators in detail before looking at how we as equipment designers need to focus on delivering a practical solution that is workable in real-world scenarios. 

Why high wind load is key for the future of urban backhaul

When we talk about wind loading, we often look from the perspective of needing to add capacity. In this blog we look at the topic from a different angle. Climate change is having a profound impact on virtually every aspect of life. It is driving individuals and businesses alike to rethink the effect they are having on the planet and look to live and work in greener and more sustainable ways. This a key focus at RFS but we also need to deal with the immediate consequences of global warming as well as looking at altering the trajectory of climate change.