February 22, 2023

Building great relationships with distributors

Distributors play a hugely important role in the communications landscape. They are key to helping end customers make the most of the technology available to them. As a vendor we must work collaboratively with distributors to deliver the best possible deployments for end customers and in this week’s blog, we talk about the top ways we can support and build strong relationships with our distribution partners.

Gurgen Harutyunyan, Head of Sales Central Europe, Nordics & MEA

1. Innovative solutions
We are focused on ensuring that we create solutions that allow our distributors to offer their customers the very best. As a result, we have a strong focus on R&D giving our partners the ability to offer solutions that solve particular customer problems. In addition, many of our solutions have a truly unique USP which allows partners to differentiate on technology rather than a race to the bottom on price.

2. Consultancy and support
At RFS we pride ourselves on working not just as a designer and manufacturer but providing consultancy services to ensure the very best deployments. We have over 120 years of experience working with communications solutions and our distributors benefit from the knowledge and testing we have put into our solutions, enabling them to plan and deliver seamless deployments.

3. RFS University
We recently spoke in detail about our RFS University program which helps to provide partners and integrators with the knowledge and tools they need for smooth installation. The RFS University resource bank is ever growing, allowing us to support distributor partners virtually, alongside the classroom learning offered in-person at our Hannover site.

4. Need for speed?
Some projects take time but there are circumstances in which speed is key. Look at this case study delivering cable in an emergency. The manufacturing capabilities at our Hannover facility meant we could work with our partner to deliver a bespoke solution faster than anyone else on the market and is an example of great partner teamwork.

If you would like more information about joining our distributor program, please get in touch.