October 27, 2022


RADIAFLEX® has been a staple in the RFS portfolio for the last five decades. One of our most popular and widely deployed technologies we are celebrating its 50th anniversary this October. As part of the celebrations, we take a look back at the long history of the technology and how it has changed over the years.

Radio Frequency Systems,

1972 was a year of invention. The year Intel invented the single-chip microprocessor. The year of the world’s first pocket scientific calculator launched by HP. And the year RFS developed RADIAFLEX® cable. 

RADIAFLEX – delivering a world first 

This was the world’s first radiating coaxial cable, perfectly designed to deliver homogenous and reliable contoured coverage in even the most challenging of deployments and that legacy extends to today. Over the past 50 years RADIAFLEX has been the backbone infrastructure in difficult environments across the world. To give you an idea of the scale of success RADIAFLEX has seen, it is now deployed in over 50% of metros worldwide, not to mention in mines, in-building and a huge variety of scenarios where it is able to deliver best-in-class coverage. 

The innovative nature of this solution allows RADIAFLEX radiating cables to provide continuous, predictable and reliable coverage in confined environments which has been a key factor in making it so well suited to mission critical communication scenarios. The invention of these cables has helped to increase safety for passengers in metros and rail tunnels globally over the past five decades.  

Moving with the times 

Reliable RF performance combined with broadband spectral use have been the key features of RADIAFLEX since its inception. This has only increased as a priority for our customers as commercial wireless networks underground have expanded, particularly in light of today’s 5G frequency band requirements and related capacity challenges. The process of RADIAFLEX’s innovation has been ongoing and it is a solution that has moved with the times and adapted as standards have changed. RFS has continued to lead the way with radiating cables offering unique designs that allow for ultra-broadband applications covering all 3GGP bands up to 3.8GHz simultaneously which allows for future-ready deployments without spectral restrictions. In addition, we have continuously improved the RADIAFLEX portfolio allowing us to offer capacity enhanced solutions using MIMO and extending radiating cable solutions up to 7GHz. Alongside these developments, we have focused ensuring our solutions meet strict fire safety regulations as this has been pushed as an issue globally to help to further improve safety in tunnels.

This commitment to R&D has allowed us at RFS to become one of the most respected names in the in-tunnel space with a huge number of additional deployments in the transport, mining, manufacturing, education and utility industries to name a few. Standing the test of time is something that relatively few technologies ever have the ability to claim, however as RFS celebrates 50 years of RADIAFLEX this year, we’re delighted to be showcasing our commitment to industry firsts that last.